Why Doesn’t Sanchez just QUIT?

His A## is TOAST! Fernando Sanchez obviously hasn’t figured it out.  We don’t particularly care for bullies here in Laredo. Sanchez has a new TV ad that pounds away at Beckie Palomo in the same unsharpened fashion in which he tried to bludgeon her in the courts when he was trying to get her off […]

Rice and Beans. BARS AND STRIPES!

There are CHEATERS and then there are STUPID CHEATERS! Bad campaign finance reports could end in Felony Charges for Little Danny Lopez and those he gave illegal goods to! Candidates for office filed their 30-day campaign finance report with the Ethics Commission (County Elections Office) this week.  For a few of them, it was their […]

Poll Dancing in “The Big Sleazy!”

Everybody says it.  Everybody talks about it.   Everybody thinks they know what it means.  But NOBODY has seen it. What are we talking about?  Well, not Frank Sciarraffa’s chorizo!  Lots of people have seen it and everybody KNOWS what it means. No, the topic on everybody’s loose lips nowadays are all the political polls […]