Why Doesn’t Sanchez just QUIT?

His A## is TOAST!

Fernando Sanchez obviously hasn’t figured it out.  We don’t particularly care for bullies here in Laredo.

Sanchez has a new TV ad that pounds away at Beckie Palomo in the same unsharpened fashion in which he tried to bludgeon her in the courts when he was trying to get her off the ballot.  What a tough guy!

When Mrs. Palomo successfully defended herself against Sanchez’s bully tactics in the Supreme Court, he turned away long enough to begin attacking again in televised debates and now in paid advertising.

Will he suffer any backlash?  Bet on it.  He’s created a no-win scenario for himself. His paid guns from Austin obviously have told him the only way he has a prayer is by trying to discredit Palomo.  THAT HASN’T WORKED.  Instead, Palomo has everybody behind her from the Supreme Court to the basketball court!

Now comes the most ironic cut of all, Lizardistas!  The Texas Ethics Commission has now declared Sanchez as having “busted the cap” on judicial races.  In other words, the Judicial Campaign Fairness Act, which limits the amount of money a judicial candidate can receive, has been officially violated by Fernando Sanchez.

Read the Order

As a result, Mrs. Palomo can now raise as much money from as many people as she likes.  Since Sanchez crossed the line when he took the illegal $50,000 “loan” from his step-mother (not a blood relative even), Palomo can do whatever she likes, within the limit of election law.  Specifically, she can take contributions from individuals in whatever amount she likes.  She can borrow money from family, individuals and banks in whatever amount she likes.  And she doesn’t have to worry about exceeding the statewide cap on Judicial Candidates.

Sanchez’ actions put her in a position to bury him on the very schoolyard on which he tried to bully Palomo.

Even Sanchez’s patrones in the courthouse have got to be backing away from their pet bully now.  It’s not likely that ANYBODY in their right mind will put a dime into Fernando Sanchez’ failed campaign now.

Politics is a full-contact sport here in Webb County.  But Sanchez should have known better.  Now he’s in too deep to get out, and the Texas Ethics Commission hasn’t even ruled on the sworn complaint against him.  Chances are, he’ll wind up on the hook for hundreds of thousands of dollars in fines.

Ironically, that money will go to help pay off his opponents’ campaign debt.

One thought on “Why Doesn’t Sanchez just QUIT?

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    A Voter

    May 14, 2012 at 1:48am

    Fernando Sanchez and few other elected officials think bully Ads are OK.

    When the Cow Pile hits the fan lets see how many officials are going to stand next to this loser. No one is above the Law.

    If then President Richard Nixon had to resign from office and now John Edwards in court what does Fernando Sanchez think?

    As per his TV ads he supposedly is the perfect trial lawyer .

    May 29, 2012 he will get another rude awakening again along with a few of his so called friends and advisors who rule the other court

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