OK Folks, this is SERIOUS STUFF! Chuy Garza’s campaign is engaging in criminal behavior!

NOTE:  I want to thank you ALL for making the LAREDO LIZARD the Number One political blog in Webb County!  MORE THAN 900 VIEWS SO FAR TODAY!  AND THE DAY IS STILL YOUNG! We’ve already broached the notion that County Court at Law Judge #2 “Judge” Chuy Garza was the biggest spender in the 2014 […]

One “accomplishment” Danny Valdez won’t be adding to his resume!

In a recent interview with Jay St. John, Judge Danny Valdez claimed the Casseb Youth Village to be his greatest accomplishment as County Judge. To be fair, it WAS completed and dedicated in 2009, but all Valdez did was cut the ribbon. It wasn’t his idea. It wasn’t his project. It wasn’t paid for as […]

Mark of CHORRO, Part 2

In spite of the “flood” of finger pointing in the Rio Bravo Water System scandal (yes, I think it’s safe to call it a scandal now), reports from Rio Bravo and El Cenizo earlier this week indicate that the water is STILL green in those communities.  This comes from an insider who is intimately familiar […]