Keeping it real in the face of a Cyber-Gang! Make sure you vote for honesty tomorrow!

Since its beginning, the Laredo Lizard has stood against the stupidity and corruption that has been part and parcel of Laredo politics since before any of us were born. We’ve railed against bribery, conflicts of interest, illegal campaign activities, el Partido Viejo, and the time-honored tradition of trading access, government jobs, government contracts and influence for votes at Election Time.

As a result, we’ve become the largest and most closely followed political blog and social media site in the history of our city. This isn’t because of me, Lizardistas, it’s because of YOU.

It is EASY to succumb to the dark side. But together, we’ve stood strong against the attempts by old-fashioned politicians to shout us out of the arena.

And today, I’m here NOT to tell you whom to vote for tomorrow, but WHAT to vote for:

Vote for honesty and integrity.

Vote for the candidates you’d trust with your children.

Vote for the candidates for whom you don’t have to make excuses.

Vote for the candidates who represent the kind of Laredo you want to have in the future, and the people who will be our strongest advocates in Austin, Washington and Ciudad de Mexico.

If you’re voting for a candidate because he/she offered you or your kid a job, a free plate of tacos or five bucks, then SHAME ON YOU!

If you’re voting for someone in spite of their political history, then SHAME ON ME, and other local reporters. Obviously, you’ve been kept in the dark.

If you’re voting for someone because you were threatened by their campaign, even though you know the candidate to be LAZY and INEFFECTIVE then SHAME ON THEM!

HONEST IS THE NEW “GOOD” LAREDO. REJECT CORRUPTION. Stand up to the bullies, the trash, the corrupt and the patrones.

Oh yeah, bring the trash talk. This Lizard is POISONOUS!

Andale Laredo!

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