About the Lizard

In the months following our launch in 2010, we received a comment questioning why we at the Laredo Lizard remain anonymous and questioning our “guts” for not showing our faces.

There’s a good reason for that.  We believe in the right to speak our mind without intimidation, as is guaranteed by the Constitution of the United States.

We are not tied to nor paid for by any political campaign, or PAC.

Why stay anonymous in Laredo?

The Laredo Lizard:  Because you need to know the truth, no matter how stupid it is!

Just ask the local media outlets, whose stories offended the Mayor and were quashed.  As a result, local political coverage has been reduced to “feel good” stories.  Heated races have gone uncovered by our daily newspaper.  It’s been a philosophy of “when in doubt, sit it out.”

And now that the national economy is in the crapper, advertising dollars are harder than ever to come by.  Local media is suffering right now as politicians wait to make their advertising plans … and more importantly to find out when to do it.  So why offend anybody?

With the 2012 elections waiting to happen, look to the Lizard  to help you wade through the fog of local political rumor, hearsay and innuendo.

We’ve got a bag on our head, sure.  But as the days go by, we’ll be helping to unmask the BS in local politics.

The Laredo Lizard:  Because you need to know the truth, no matter how stupid it is!

11 thoughts on “About the Lizard

  1. Que Freg

    August 2, 2010 at 4:57am

    Would love to see you keep this page up. Update it when you can 🙂

    • Jay St. John

      February 9, 2014 at 10:32pm

      There’s only one guy in Laredo that’s writes this good, and knows social media publishing. Hmmm, I wonder who? Oh, and that logo is so you pal 🙂

      • The Lizard

        February 9, 2014 at 11:15pm

        Thanks Jay, but you sell the people of our community short! There are lots of people who write better than both of us!

        The people have a right to know what’s going on. We all agree on that. The difference between us is that nobody is paying the Lizard. Nobody sponsors the Lizard, the Lizard doesn’t solicit donations and if the Lizard gets it wrong, nobody fires the Lizard.

        Hence, we can be less inhibited around the strongmen, political bullies, wealthy and powerful than you can.

        Keep searching. We’ll always be here. Looking over your shoulder.

        Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Everybody Loves Raymond

    May 29, 2012 at 5:23am

    Quefregados,we will no let you down! There is so much stupidity out there in the LDO that we have to depend on contributors from throughout Webb County to give us the word over here on the other side of the world.

    But as Laredoans, it is our duty to report you the truth … No matter how stupid it is, just can’t buy you a frosty cerveza. Get that from Louie’s victory party … Figures to be a LOT of leftovers there!



    The Lizard abides….man….

  3. Paul Cavazos

    June 1, 2012 at 10:39pm

    I like your style. I write letters critical of politicians,(constructive critizism and the t ruth) LMT has a new editor and he will not run them. Neither lareDos. If I send them to you and you like them can you make space for them.? Let me know

    • The Lizard

      June 2, 2012 at 10:25pm

      Make sure you tell the truth … no matter how stupid it is!

      • Juan Mendez

        April 2, 2014 at 11:46pm

        Lizard, fuck you and your page…. This is bullshit….. Get a fucking job you low life bastard. There, you wanted to hear the truth…. Lets see how long you leave this post up. Don’t you think that people would notice how you delete the posts that you don’t want the community to read. Be fair if not don’t fucking write anything at all….

        • The Lizard

          April 2, 2014 at 11:57pm

          Dear Mr. Mendez …

          I will say that your grasp of the issues is rivaled only by your command of the English language. I’m leaving your foul, disrespectful comment up as an example — especially for our children — of how a coach-class cholo expresses himself.

          Bring something of substance next time, or stay home and scheme on ways you can scam the government out of taxpayer money.

          Thanks for stopping by, Shakespeare!

  4. Frustrated at UISD PD

    February 10, 2014 at 9:42pm

    • I am an employee at United ISD. I work for the Police department and I want to remain anonymous because I am afraid of losing my job.
    • There is a political agenda to appoint a chief of police from within the department. If people only knew of the issues, everyone would be concerned.
    • The Interim Chief Clemente Camarillo allows so much wrong doing at the Police Department and this is the person that is rumored to be appointed to be the permanent Chief of Police.
    • Camarillo has had several brothers that work for him at the department. That is a conflict in itself.
    • Several years ago one brother was made to resign because he was caught not showing up to work but yet getting paid. He now works for the Laredo Police department. Why was he not fired?
    • Last year another brother was made to resign because he was also caught not coming into work but getting paid. He was even seen on video arriving at work in shorts and clocking in at the beginning of the shift and then coming back and clocking out at the end of his shift wearing shorts. He was a police officer, he should be in uniform. Right after he resigned he was hired by the Laredo ISD police department. Why was he not fired?
    • There is a brother that works there now (Ricky Camarillo) that has been sued for excessive force and sued for a car wreck he was involved in.
    • There is a rumor all around the police department that this same Camarillo brother/police officer beat up a student around Thanksgiving time. I am sure nothing happened to him he still works there, and there were witnesses and video. We have cameras in all the campuses. Why was he not fired?
    • Everyone here knows these things happen and someone needs to do something about it.
    • Camarillo has a lieutenant that is his right hand man. His name is Aaron Salazar. Salazar has a security license and has his hand in many different businesses that offer security work in Laredo and other cities. Look on the DPS website and you will see his name under Laredo, Texas under Private Security. He has some of the UISD employees working for him.
    • Salazar works with some other UISD employees because they use his security license to get contracts. All that time and effort should be focused on better securing our students.
    • Salazar and several others work all night 10 or 12 hours and then come straight to work at the school. How is that acceptable?
    • Salazar would even come in right before lunch after working all night, instead of 8 am like he is supposed to. I am sure he was getting paid by the school from 8am. He sure would not stay late to make up his time. Salazar would come in late and then take Camarillo to lunch. I guess that was part of the deal.
    • Salazar even has an employee as a security guard and it is his father. His father works directly under his Son (Salazar).
    • Salazar has an office next to Camarillo, how could Camarillo let this happen? Must be turning a blind eye!
    • All you have to do is ask the security companies they worked for to let you see the timesheets. They worked all night doing security and then come to work at the school. How is that safe?
    • These are some of the concerns that are very disappointing.
    • I hope someone looks into this and keeps this from getting worse.
    • We don’t need these bad politics in a police department that takes care of all these students and teachers.
    • We need change, there are several people that are taken care of by Camarillo and this is the same way it used to be 6 years ago when Dennis Garcia was the Chief. We had the same problems with Garcia.
    • Garcia was fired for the same reasons. People were double dipping and political favors were done all the time.
    • Camarillo was a Captain for Garcia back then, he is the same product.

  5. vish vishvish

    March 11, 2014 at 8:50am

    Hello Lizardistas,

    The Democratic party primaries are over. There are only three candidates left in the runoff’s and others have all won the party Primary. I congratulate all those who won. However, most media has forgotten one thing. These fine folks won the PARTY primary. The general election is on November 4th of this year. While some positions are not contested, others are. Isn’t it premature to say and behave like they have won the general election??

  6. Mr. Honest Laredo

    March 3, 2015 at 1:50am


    I am an employee of UISD Police Department. It’s not important to know my specific identity. What’s important is the tax payers of Laredo, Texas needs to know what’s happening behind close doors at UISD School District. When someone runs for UISD Board of Education in their school District the tax payers must do their research on the candidate and know if the person has any conflict of interest with the school district. For example, do they have relatives or husband or wives with high positions that can pose of conflict of interest. To get specific on the matter, take District 3 School Board Member Aliza Flores Oliveros. When she campaigned for the position she convinced the people in her district she is pro family and pro education and are in the interest of the people in her district. One thing she never advised publicly is that her brother is Director of Accounting Samuel D. Flores at UISD. Don’t you think there can be conflict of interest with his sister being school board member??? There was closed session meeting with school board member present and heads of departments present including the Superintendent Mr. Santos. During the meeting they decided to down grade the kronos system (UISD System for time cards for employees) to save money. Keep in mind for the past 10 yrs UISD spent thousands and thousands of tax payer dollars converting from paper time cards to the kronos system. UISD is using a high graded system. All of sudden UISD Admin and School Board decides to down grade the kronos system to a cheaper version. As a tax payer you must use psychology and read between the lines and follow budget money. You must ask yourself what individual benefits from this down grade. Remember UISD must maintain a budget per year to keep the school district running. During that meeting District 3 School Board Member Aliza Flores Oliveros brother Samuel Flores current Director of Accounting created a new position for him to be Comptroller of the Accounting Dept. The perception here to me they allocated the money for the kronos system to increase Samuel Flores salary to be Comptroller of the Accounting Dept. This is nothing new at UISD. The administration move money around within the budget to create or promote people into high positions. This is not a question is it legal under state and federal laws, its a matter of code of ethnics. The decisions that was made during the meeting had conflict of interest involved.

    UISD is a kingdom within a kingdom. Kind of relates to the Roman Empire if you know its history. Mr. Santos is the Emperor and the School Board are his Senators and Mr. Santos is appointing his king or queen to certain kingdoms (different departments of UISD). Each one serving Mr. Santos interests. Basicly you have a punch of yes people. Plus you are promoting people who don’t qualify (lack of education or experience) to certain position within UISD. It’s like you are getting hired to be a doctor or lawyer but in reality you don’t have the experience or education to hold those job titles. And you only got those jobs cause of the politics being involved behind close doors.

    The tax payers of Laredo, Texas must realize people who run for certain political positions must do their research and ask the right questions to see they have their best interest at heart for the people in Laredo, Texas and not for the political machine or puppet masters pulling the strings behind close doors.

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