Whither Now, Judge Valdez?

Yesterday, Tano Tijerina made his announcement for Webb County Judge… again.  It was the first major announcement of the 2014 season and the day after Labor Day.

It was hot, it was early, it was WEDNESDAY, and the cops were ticketing everybody who’s car sat unattended (and un-parking metered) for 60 seconds or less.  Word on the street was that County Judge Danny Valdez had ordered photos be taken of everybody in the crowd to discourage attendance by county employees.  Photographers were everywhere, so don’t be surprised by anything folks.

Lizardistas, I didn’t figure 25 people outside of Tano’s family would show up.  By all accounts there were at least 300!  There were so many people crowding the west side of the old Courthouse that you couldn’t tell which elected officials and/or potential candidates were on hand.  

Tano gave a short but rousing little announcement speech, the crowd went nuts and it was over.

But for whom?

Tijerina — who hasn’t stopped campaigning since he first threw his expensive hat in the ring four years ago — is off and running.  But a lot of folks are predicting that it’s Danny Valdez who’ll be REALLY running — RUNNING OFF!

Already, there have been a number of key players from Valdez’s last campaign jump ship and join “team Tano.”  After Wednesday’s raucous demonstration on the courthouse plaza, you have to wonder who else will be jumping the sinking Valdez ship and join Tijerina.  

We know there are a lot of local businessmen who are ready to poke holes in Valdez’s lifeboats.  We know there are lots of county employees who are now ready to speak out.

It’s September 5th, for God’s sake!  Is this race over before it begins?  Will Valdez really quit rather than having to face a more attractive, baggage-free and better-funded opponent?  Don’t be surprised.  He’s never had an ass-whooping.  Maybe at his age he’d rather just sneak out the back door!

If and when Valdez turns tail and runs, will Tano get a free ride?  Really?  Not likely!  Will we see one of the Mendozas get in?  Maybe Louie Bruni again?  (There’s been a lot of howling on Facebook about that, but mostly by him).  Jerry Garza? (You know he’s turning every color of the rainbow waiting to announce for SOMETHING!)  Mayor Salinas, as we reported last week?   The hell-raisers from El Cenizo and Rio Bravo?  Maybe we’ll see Frank Sciaraffa (he probably misses the “lip service” he used to get in the courthouse) .

Lizardistas, there’s no way in the world we’re going to say this race is done.  Especially when we haven’t heard a word from Danny Valdez (he was in Austin, allegedly representing us, and unavailable for comment when Tijerina’s horde invaded the Courthouse grounds.)

Plus, we know Valdez has a young new wife who probably isn’t willing to stick with a has-been… (OK that was a low blow, but low blows have been traditionally available in the County Courthouse — ouch!).  

So maybe it’s more honorable to have run and lost than to have chickened out.


Stay tuned, Lizardistas!

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    El Triple XXX

    September 18, 2013 at 12:37am

    You make alot of good points and it seems that you have alot of information on the commsssioners. I just wished the newsmedia in Laredo would do a little bit of investigative reporting.

    Good writing

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