The Mark of CHORRO!

Only CHORRO could get him to quit!

Only CHORRO could get Johnny Amaya to quit his job, where 29 reprimands failed!

How in the world does a Webb County department head get his hand slapped 29 times and still  manage to keep it in the cookie jar?

As the Laredo Morning Times reported online yesterday, former water utilities director for Webb County Johnny Amaya was reprimanded nearly 30 times over a decade and “at one point was up for termination.”

“Up for termination.” REALLY?

The first time Amaya got cited for failing to maintain the equipment that runs the county water supply should have been the last.  The big question here isn’t why Amaya did what he did.  It’s why his boss, Judge Danny Valdez, allowed it to go on for so long.  Why did it take a boil water order for Amaya to finally step down?  Why did Judge Valdez allow thousands of Webb County families to be exposed — for an unknown number months — to a dangerous, potentially lethal, water supply?

While many jokes come to mind, Lizardistas, it took the “Mark of CHORRO” in Rio Bravo and El Cenizo to finally get this snake oil salesman off the payroll.  And, as has been the hallmark of his years as County Judge, Valdez did NOTHING.

Amaya was entrusted with the health and wellbeing of thousands of families.  He failed miserably.  He endangered entire communities by his negiligence.  He even overcharged UISD schools by about $140,000 (who knows how that happened?) But he kept his job, even though the state repeatedly smacked him for failing to do his job… 29 times!

Again, there’s no telling what deals were made over the years to keep Amaya in that position.  Word on the street is that Valdez knew about all of these infractions.  Further, Lizardistas, we hear from county sources that Valdez ignored reports that the water in El Cenizo and Rio Bravo were unsafe.

And we ALL know that Valdez didn’t fire Amaya.  Now to be fair to Valdez, 18 of the reprimands were issued to Amaya before Valdez took office in January, 2007.  But 11 have come since, including one for abusing County resources by calling contractors for donations to his political steak plate sale!  In other words, this guy was shaking down county contractors for political donations using county resources!

Was he planning a run for office?  I guess after he left the Mark of CHORRO on Rio Bravo and El Cenizo, we all know what kind of run Amaya was involved with, whether it was within his control or not.

Our question is why?

You know, recently, some of our local political experts have criticized candidates for hosting dances, steak plate sales, bowling tournaments, and most recently, appearing in a baseball game.  While on the surface, that criticism is silly (at best) at the start of a political season, it begs the bigger question:  Is expanded political activity a good thing?

Well, my friends, the Lizard thinks the more you participate and the more you know, the less likely stupid, dangerous, potentially criminal stuff like this going to happen.

We urge you to ask the hard questions.  Go meet your candidates.  Give to the candidates of your choice.  But DO NOT allow corrupt politicians, self-righteous commentators (like us) and political rumor mongers with their hands in the cookie jar make up your mind for you.

The TRUTH is out there.  DEMAND THE TRUTH … no matter how STUPID it is!

With that, we want to wish Keyrose at La Sanbe blog the best of luck.  We’re sorry to lose you from our little borderblogosphere.  But the door’s open… and this party is just getting started!

2 thoughts on “The Mark of CHORRO!

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    September 24, 2013 at 9:49pm

    Thanks for the mention and the invite (I think that’s whay you mean by the door being open).

    I have to marvel at the streak of bad news that’s come out of Webb County politics in recent years. The drama on full display has taken many forms: favoritism, personal failings, cynicism, and incompetence.

    Locals run for office for different reasons, but Mr. Amaya brings to the table a very special kind of ego. With the reprimands piling up, he jumped from being a councilman to seeking a spot on the Laredo ISD Board. Who does that? Who in their right mind keeps sucking at his/her job and deliberately decides to take on more shit to make matters worse?

    Not that I’m going to work up a blog post on Mr. Amaya anytime soon, but he would very likely have been in the running for this year’s LaSanbe Person of the Year. Hijole!

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    October 6, 2013 at 2:23pm

    Maybe our Good County Judge and Commissioner Montenmayor should buy the water in Rio Bravo and store in bottles so they can drink it like the residents use too. Although if they get Chorro they can certianly afford to get treated. Lets see who is a better Elected Offcial and who is going to step to the plate and offer to drink the same sludge the residents have to drink. I dare any one of those 2 to drink the water in front of all the media outlets and for them to do it daily!

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