OK Folks, this is SERIOUS STUFF! Chuy Garza’s campaign is engaging in criminal behavior!


Read THIS Facebook post about Chuy Garza’s GOON SQUAD!

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We’ve already broached the notion that County Court at Law Judge #2 “Judge” Chuy Garza was the biggest spender in the 2014 Webb County electionsphere.

We’ve already discussed the many violations of person and property that the “good” judge has committed, either personally or through his band of hired criminals (his main “amigo” and butt buddy is a repeated domestic violence perpetrator.)

We’ve also reported that his opponent, Linda Garza-Martinez, was being stalked by members of Chuy’s campaign.

Garza is running the sleaziest campaign in recent Laredo history … and in terms of sleazery, this probably puts him somewhere near the sleaziest of ALL TIMES!

While it’s certainly understandable that people with “business” before his court would support the “good” judge, even they can’t condone the jack-booted thuggery now being promoted by his legion of Nazi warriors!

One man had the courage to post about it on Facebook.  Do yourselves a favor and check it out.

And be on the lookout for the truck and car who’s committing these crimes of property theft.  Apparently Judge Garza has money to burn. But according to the campaign finance reports, campaign signs cost REAL money.  The big ones upwards of 50 bucks apiece.  If Chuy Garza’s thugs are stealing signs that the Martinez campaign has spent good money on, then Garza and his band of criminals are GUILTY of property theft, tresspassing and aggravated tresspassing.

It’s all part of the “game?”  NOPE!  It’s criminal behavior, and typical of the “best politician in Laredo.”

This is the action of a frightened DOUCHEBAG!

What do you think?


15 thoughts on “OK Folks, this is SERIOUS STUFF! Chuy Garza’s campaign is engaging in criminal behavior!

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    Linda Aviles

    January 28, 2014 at 3:41am

    WHAT A JERK. CHUY GARZA IS WORTHLESS. Douchebag. Soaking. Tampon

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    January 28, 2014 at 6:08am

    BIASED! It’s very obvious you’re Linda Garza Martinez’s friend. First of all, Judge Jesus Garza doesn’t need people following Linda’s people around for signs. Where is the evidence? Secondly, I thought you would post facts about both sides…regardless of how stupid the truth is.

    (Personal and lewd attacks removed … You get ONE warning)

    Also, when you talk about Chuy’s “band of hired criminals”, why not mention the fact that Linda used to defend sexual offenders and help them get away with the most minimal, if not any, type of punishment. I just know that Linda is now desperate for votes and is running a very negative campaign. Sorry, but even this story you posted is completely biased on your part. Everything stated in this blog sounds just like the type of campaign that Linda is running: negative and lacking facts.

    We all know who owns this site, and you are friends with Linda’s husband Silverio Martinez, so why beat around the bush? We all know your mom’s link is on your “Blogroll”.


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      January 28, 2014 at 1:14pm

      So because pics that surfaced proving chuys’ guys were up to no good, Linda is now running a negative campaign? Sounds to me like some people in denial about how he’s running his campaign

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      January 29, 2014 at 9:08am

      AS an attorney , i thought it was Lindas job to to defend sexual offenders and help them get away with the most minimal, if not any, type of punishment. At least Linda showed up to work..

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    The Lizard

    January 28, 2014 at 5:32pm

    Actually, “Laredo Truth,” we do not know Linda Garza-Martinez or Silverio Martinez. And we aren’t really aware of any negative campaigning she’s done, other than to point out what everybody already knows about Judge Garza, that he doesn’t put in a full day’s work, hears most of his cases behind closed doors and waited until he drew an opponent to start acting like he cared about his job.

    All the other crap you brought up was deleted because you crossed the one line that we at The Laredo Lizard will NOT cross… that’s to attack someone’s personal life. If you want to do that, then do it somewhere else. But first, be prepared to open your own personal closet for inspection!

    As for “my mom” owning the Lizard, all I can say is JAJAJAJAJAJA! You’re grasping at straws, “Truth.” Maybe you should start your own blog to address that situation … Maybe you already have, “Truth!” But never let it be said that we didn’t let people have their say.

    Stay tuned, Lizardistas. This is only going to get stupider and stupider!

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    The Lizard

    January 29, 2014 at 4:13pm

    I’m pretty sure all lawyers have to stand before the judge, raise their right hand and take an oath of office when they become officers of the court. That means they have to put personal interests aside and do the best they can for their client.

    Martinez was a public defender, which meant she had no choice in who she defended. The court picked her clients for her, usually the scum of the earth criminals who didn’t have or couldn’t afford a lawyer.

    Wasn’t she also a prosecutor, meaning that it was her job to put the same kinds of people in jail?

    People who attack defense lawyers for defending people are simple minded. It’s like a doctor saying he didn’t approve of what disease his patient had, so he’ll just let him die. If you’re going to attack Martinez or any lawyer running for judge, you have to come up with something a little better than “HE/SHE IS A GREAT LAWYER!”

    Makes you look stupid… and THAT’S THE TRUTH.

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    January 30, 2014 at 1:47am

    ” Anonymous January 29, 2014 at 9:08 am

    AS an attorney , i thought it was Lindas job to to defend sexual offenders and help them get away with the most minimal, if not any, type of punishment.”

    **Wow….is did the Judge you want?? Defending sexual predators?** WOW!
    “The Lizard: “Post Author”
    The court picked her clients for her, usually the scum of the earth criminals who didn’t have or couldn’t afford a lawyer. Wasn’t she also a prosecutor, meaning that it was her job to put the same kinds of people in jail? ”

    “Scum of the earth criminals”?? Wow…you are actually voting for her. I know Judge CHUY Garza doesn’t see the incarcerated like that. Everyone deserves justice, and that’s what he has proved. Linda has prosecuted them, then defended them. Is that the kind of Judge Webb county needs? I would rather vote for a Judge who has been fair and lasted the years on the bench, than someone who wants to “Change” the court system and did both, prosecute and defend the “scum of the earth criminals”. By the way…….Judge CHUY Garza treats them as people, not “scum of the earth criminals”.

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    The Lizard

    January 30, 2014 at 12:48pm

    This is another example of Chuy Garza’s goon squad in action. Though my vote is my privilege and right — I’m a Viet Nam veteran as well as a Lizard — sharing it with you is NOT your right. I will say again that I have never met Ms. Martinez and am not supporting any candidate or campaign.

    That said: your post is just WRONG on so many levels, “Truth.”

    First of all, you attack one poster because he defends Ms. Garza-Martinez as a GOOD LAWYER, one who does her job, prosecuting sex offenders as a prosecutor and then defending them as a court-appointed public defender. You post indicates that you agree that she’s a GREAT LAWYER, even though you probably didn’t have the skill or the huevos to admit it.

    Then you try defend Chuy Garza, who waited for an opponent to start acting like he actually gave a tinker’s damn about his job, for treating those same sex offenders, rapists, juvenile drug dealers, victims, etc., like “people,” like they’re criminals. If that’s the case, why does it take so long for any juvenile case to get heard and resolved in his court? Why does he hear most of his cases behind closed doors, where the families of the victims and accused are denied their say?

    YOU SEEM TO WANT IT BOTH WAYS, “Truth (ja ja, great handle, but we all know that you’re working for the “best politician in Webb County.” ) I understand your frustration. How much are you being paid by Webb County’s Number One campaign spender, Mr. Fox?

    Make up your mind, Lizardistas. Do you want a judge who is experienced in every facet of trial law, or Webb County’s best politician? That really seems to be the crux of this race.

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    get em out

    January 30, 2014 at 12:55pm

    All lawyers start of by either defending or prosecuting SCUM so ,don’t even go there, that fact is that CHUY
    is almost never at work, has cost the county so much money on replacement judges, and has so many groupies
    working at the county and most of them don’t do a damm thing but collect a pay check. WHO is this chic
    Blanca Martinez that he approved a $ 2,400.00 payment for PROFESSIONAL SERVICES last year.
    wonder what kind of services she provided. Pretty sure, not the type a regular guy gets.
    The only reason he has lasted so long, is because attorneys are afraid of his dirty tactics,
    Im Glad LINDA has the courage to stand up to him.

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    January 30, 2014 at 1:01pm

    First of all the only reason he has been there for years is because he threatens people with their job if they don’t push and vote for him. This time I think it’s going to be different. We people at the county are tired of this abuse!! Everybody here is afraid to talk about politics because we are afraid that we might get fired. If he treats us like scum I can just imagine how he treat the people in his court. And another thing, their has been multiple times that we eat at the same restaurant and I know he knows I work in the building and he always looks the other way but now that he’s running for reelection he comes over to my table and says hi to me. WHAT A PIECE OF SHIT!!! I believe he’s running scared because if he looses, he’s not going to know what to do with himself being that he’s never even practiced law himself. So yes I want change and will push for Linda to win, quietly of course, I need my job!!!

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    The Lizard

    January 30, 2014 at 1:54pm

    Come on, folks. Is SHIT an appropriate way to describe a sitting member of our judiciary?

    Please tone it down, or I’ll have to report you to the Guacamole Queen.

    (And if you don’t know who she is, then YOU’RE a piece of shit!) Oooops, sorry!

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    Lezley Rincon

    February 4, 2014 at 9:21pm

    I thought I’d use this forum to let people know what kind of “judging” has gone on in the court of Judge Chuy Garza. I have gone through years of court battles for the safety of my children because of the following:

    Judge Chuy Garza gave my ex husband a “slap on the wrist” for kidnapping my kids (ages 7 and 8) – taking them out of the city for a week without telling me where they were, then I fought to get him drug tested and when he tested positive, he simply asked him “how often do you smoke pot?” I fought to have him take a hair follicle test knowing he was much dirtier than just pot and when he suddenly came out “clean” even from any pot, the judge did not accept my proof of tampering with evidence. And when the kids’ attorney told the judge my then 9 year old son had disclosed to her that he slept in the same bed with his father and his MALE partner, once again Judge Garza just said “you know you shouldn’t do that!” What kind of Judge lets someone get away with so much ESPECIALLY when it has to do with kids!!!! He ruled that I was simply a mother keeping the kids from their father. Not quite sure what he saw that privileged him to be called a father with over $13,000 of past due child support and all the crap my kids have to deal with because the court ORDERS me to let them spend time with him out of the city and unsupervised!

    The only ones benefitting from this type of back and forth court appointments are the attorneys that I have to keep paying to represent me.


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    Everybody Loves Raymond

    February 6, 2014 at 12:19am

    there are soooo many reports of shady dealing over the years coming from Garza’s court. .thousands of dollars for community grants that disappear. Programs unfounded. Court cases lasting four or five years. attorneys getting rich (some say there are kickbacks to the judge), people who wouldn’t pay up get locked up… Etc. Etc.

    somebody needs to get Garza to answer for his actions.

    we cannot believe that his supporters HONESTLY believe that Chuy Garza isn’t the slimiest mofo in Webb County. I challenge any of them to come in here and tell us how Chuy Garza has helped the community. Start with why we can’t see him on Fridays…

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    February 27, 2014 at 7:16pm

    WOW! I’d like to know who his main amigo & butt buddy is. I think I know, though.

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      Lezley Rincon

      March 1, 2014 at 9:22pm

      I posted my experience in Judge Garza’s court but forgot to mention that my ex husbands’ defense attorney was Linda’s husband, Silverio! And although it was sickening to see them Linda and Silverio sitting in the opposite side of the room, I can atleast give them the benefit that they were only there to do their job as ATTORNEYS. But as Judge who had the power to rule for fairness and justice for my children- Chuy blew it! He did absolutely NOTHING! We had to mediate our case with another attorney after a back and forth battle of over 4 years! So will I vote for CHANGE! YES I WILL! Linda is a mother and I believe she will make decisions and not ALLOW criminals to get away with crimes that should be punished!

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