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The Lizard’s preference polls have been open to the public for just a few hours — hardly enough to draw concrete conclusions in these races, HOWEVER, if the numbers continue to rise, and the sample approaches 300 respondents, then we’ll be able to put our data against anybody’s. and we’ll know if the people of Laredo actually give a damn about the kind of douchebag who represent them in public office.

Are you for a douchebag or someone else in a specific race?

Thus far, earliest tabs reflect that the people are far more passionate about change than the the douchebags care about defending themselves from public scrutiny.mm

For County Judge,Tano Tijerins is running about 8-2 ahead of Dour Danny Valdez. ,that ratio dovetails nicely with phone bank results directly from the,.tano campaign. Valdez is on the run. His performance in public cements it. You never know what kind of,surprises,this,long time west side banty rooster might play. But absent evidence wrongdoing, Tano will squash this pequeno like a cockroach.

Based on our early,returns,the most in any of our polls, followers of Linda Garza-Martinez may be the most steadfast of all.

the straw poll shows Linda on top of Garza at least 3 to 1…

We’re grateful for. Well,cared for

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    February 6, 2014 at 5:41pm

    I wonder if the people casting votes are even eligible to vote in a REAL election. I see that many of the are not even from Laredo TX.

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    February 7, 2014 at 9:21pm

    Thank you for putting the District Clerk Campaign as part of the straw poll.

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