“We are the Three Amigos!”


For years, dirty politicking and backroom dealings were synonymous with South Laredo.  But not anymore!  In fact, you’ve got to tip your hat to George Altgelt for engineering what might be the most ingenious plan in Laredo political history.

On Tuesday, Altgelt was seen at Chili’s meeting (not very quietly, by the way) with opponents Hector Cortez and Danny Lopez, Jr.  According to a number of people who overheard this conversation at the bar, the three were trying to devise a way to force a runoff with admitted frontrunner John Galo. Once they discovered they had been, er, discovered, Cortez was heard to say something to the effect of:  “Quick!  We’ve got to change to a new location.”

Tuesday night, Altgelt posted a vicious attack against Galo, assailing his character, insulting his family and accusing him of everything but offering bribes to officials in Willacy County.  Three candidates ganging up on one, calling the one a bully.  The post was “authored” by Altgelt, Cortez and Lopez.  Oddly, it only appears on Altgelt’s website.  Lopez denied having anything to do with anything.  Cortez hasn’t updated his website in months.

So, just as it has been all along, Altgelt is doing the attacking by himself.  But in the name of his opponents.  Does that sound slightly screwy?   Sounds like a circle, er, of friends to us, Lizardistas!

You have to wonder if Cortez and Lopez – both of whom have more spent more on their media campaigns than Altgelt – realize that George’s game is to knock both of them out of the race while making room for himself on a runoff ballot. If Galo is the frontrunner, and you have to assume he is based on name ID and community standing, then there are three guys who AREN’T going to make a runoff if there is one.  Simple mathamatics.

Five candidates run.  One wins.  Four go home.  If Altgelt smells victory, do you think he’ll turn on Cortez and Lopez?  You bet he will.  By week’s end, he will make us ALL forget about Louie Bruni and drag us lower than we’ve ever been dragged before.

Maybe Altgelt feels that Lopez and Cortez don’t mind throwing tens of thousands of dollars and hundreds of thousands of volunteer hours down the drain so he can jump them into a runoff.  Maybe George thinks Lopez and Cortez are stupid.  If they bought into this scheme then they certainly are.

But Webb County voters are a lot smarter than Altgelt thinks they are.  If the Three Amigos attack as one, then the voters will undoubtedly reject the three of them as one.

Why would Altgelt engineer such a coordinated negative attack?  We’ll talk about that later.  Stay tuned, Lizardistas!

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    UT Longhorn

    May 26, 2012 at 2:43am

    Wow Lizard! You really hate George…seems like your blog, because it is a blog after all, is only directed at bashing George. Your blog should be called bashingaltgelt.com…I had the pleasure of meeting George in law school and he has always wanted to come back to Laredo and make a difference. Unfortunately, typical Laredo politics will always prevent good candidates from running. Galo already had his chance and he did squat… Hand the touch over to the new generation Lizard!!! We are climbing the ladder so you career politicians and power hungry politicians better watch out…it’s a matter of time before we take over and move the city/county in the right direction….so the only reason you bash George is because his is he number one contender and you are his sympathiser…

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      The Lizard

      May 26, 2012 at 4:15am

      Not at all. I’m sure he is a fine, caring human being.

      The stupid truth of it is that George Altgelt’s shenanigans have kept us from reporting on other contested races in our community. Between the shadow of corporate donations and trying to “team up with” (read backbite) two of his other opponents, in hush-hush meetings, he has kept us from concentrating on what’s REAL important … the Sciarraffa trial! Believe me, we’d much rather been dealing with rug burns in the County Courthouse than vaguely negative articles in Laredos, which, by the way, still haven’t been personally or publicly endorsed by all three of the “authors,” just Mr. Altgelt, Esq.

      You’d think that crap was straight out of the comments section of an unscrupulous blog, like, well, the Laredo Lizard. (BTW — contrary to some allegations, The Laredo Lizard is NOT owned by ShuString Productions, INC., nor do we endorse or contribute to any campaign in any way).

      No, Longhorn, I don’t hate George. I’ve never had cross words with the man. But I am a bit annoyed that his increasingly scandalous behavior in his campaign has kept us from other, more scandalous stuff.

      Frank, Louie, Fernando, and a few others should send him a thank you note.

      Thanks for posting! Stay tuned!

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    UT Longhorn

    May 26, 2012 at 2:44am

    By the way…your blog is still entertaining like the magazines at the HEB check out counter…

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    UT Longhorn

    May 26, 2012 at 4:04am

    Lizard aside from you bashing my good friend and brother George..I actually think we can have a beer ar El Poso as soon as the elections are over..but you are buying!!

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      The Lizard

      May 26, 2012 at 4:49am

      Please don’t mistake my commentary as bashing. But since he has no record In elected office, his actions today are what we have to judge him by. And he’s run a pretty nasty campaign from the get-go. He probably nastied himself out of a runoff with that outrageous attack.

      But when we meet for a beer, I’ll buy him one, too!

      The Lizard will be making its endorsements next weekend … Hope you vote before then.

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    UT Longhorn

    May 26, 2012 at 4:16am

    By the way vote for Silverio Martinez and Abraham “Protector” Diaz!!!

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    UT Longhorn

    May 26, 2012 at 4:31am

    Lizard I doubt you would be so inept as to allow George to distract you…it’s like the tail wagging the dog…you seem like a semi intelligent person

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    UT Longhorn

    May 26, 2012 at 4:55am

    Yeah kind of like a trucker hauling a freight of cow manure that’s about to have an accident with a car driven by mayor Raul Salinas and Chilo Alaniz as his passenger…both of whom we can do without…haha it’s funny you would have a big cow patty with rhetoric

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