Voters? Hello!!!!

First day of early vote and it looks like this might be one of Webb County’s lower turnouts, despite all the inside rumblings over various candidates, their relatives and their character … from all sides!

Somewhere in the neighborhood of 2,000 votes were cast on the first day of early vote, traditionally the heaviest day of the two week carne asada!  If the math holds out — and of course, we could be wrong — then if the first two days  and the last day of early vote will account for half of the early vote total, then we may be looking at 10 to 12,000 early votes.  That would bring turnout to something significantly less than 30,000 total for Webb County.

Why did people stay home today?

Maybe because nobody has any passion about the races in the “cash and carry” South?

Maybe because voters are completely turned off by the race for County Attorney and District Judge?

Maybe because people just don’t give a rats a*@ about Jerry Garza and Tracy King.

What does this portend for the next two weeks?  Well if turnout stays down, figure the candidates with the highest name ID and biggest ad budgets will cruise to victory.

Stay tuned for: LIZARD VIDEO II — Fernando Sanchez ad #2! We know Sanchez is in love with the law, but that’s not going to win him any Emmy awards!  While both Beckie Palomo and Rufino Lopez are too classy to address the insulting (to us) bully ad being run by Fernando Sanchez, we at the Lizard cannot stay silent!   Sanchez’ entire ad campaign is based on Palomo’s courtroom cases SINCE she became head of the probation department.  That’s like comparing the number of arrests made by someone AFTER they become Sheriff!  Or the number of children someone has after they come out of the closet!  Of course it’s just another way Sanchez is trying to insult our intelligence, but someone has to tell the TRUTH, NO MATTER HOW STUPID IT IS!

So we’ll be doing that here in the coming days.

Then maybe we’ll compare the relative pulling power of a horse versus a bulldozer!

The Lizard recommends: GO VOTE!

One thought on “Voters? Hello!!!!

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    A Voter

    May 15, 2012 at 11:49pm

    Do Horses eat Recycled newspapers? Can old corrugated signs be used as carry out plates for Fajitas, Beans and Rice?

    We shall find out.

    Do we the voters want Intelligence, a hidden wire inside executive session going to LareDOS or an Administrative Cook.

    Vote your Conscience.

    It is known fact that the wrong nutrition can hurt an animal and definitely hurt a community.

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