The Winner!

We’ve been so engrossed in the unfolding mellow-drama in the three-legged race for County Commissioner, Pct. 3, that we’ve totally shirked our responsibility to single out the worst campaign ad of the season.

No, it’s not the Ethnics Commission attack ad by our old friend Voldemort (we promised we wouldn’t mention his name today, after all).

It’s the negative attack ad that Fernando Sanchez ran all season long.  Oddly, even though the Supreme Court told him to take his attacks and shove them, he and his workers continued to try to intimidate voters and Palomo campaign workers throughout early vote.  Even yesterday, continuing to insist that the courts were crazy and he was right about Palomo, who could be the biggest vote getter of Tuesday’s primary.

Not only was that ad horribly misleading, it was also horribly misleading, too!

It probably won more votes for Palomo than anything else during the campaign, but we’ll find that out on Tuesday.

But to his credit, this was the ballsiest ad in Laredo as well.  Unfortunately it was BS, just like most of the rumor mongering that typifies our little intersection of the second and third worlds.

Here’s what we think would have been a better approach.

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