The Three Stooges of Webb County

This weekend, Hollywood released a new “Three Stooges Movie,” the first in 50 years or so.  Reviews are good.  Slapstick humor at its best, courtesy of the funny Farrelly Brothers.

However, Hollywood’s got nunca on us here in Webb County.  Seems like the long delay before the Demon-cratic primary has gotten everybody’s huevos in an uproar, and what began as a regular election cycle – only nasty – has developed into a showcase for conspiracy, corruption, violation and, of course, litigation!


While Bruni and Sciarraffa battle over “BJs” in the South (word on the street is that King Louie has recruited other “victims” to stand up before Big Frank), the shocking behavior is taking place in the race for 341st district judge.  ALLEGEDLY!

Not only has Fernando Sanchez continued his battle to get Beckie Palomo disqualified, even AFTER the Texas Supreme Court told him to shut up and play ball; even AFTER it was revealed that Sanchez had accepted an ILLEGAL $50,000 campaign contribution and could face fines of more than a quarter million dollars; but NOW stories are flying all over the streets of Laredo about Sanchez’ latest campaign tactic…

Sanchez’ benefactor and puppetmaster, a SITTING JUDGE on the court, has “ALLEGEDLY” been strong-arming local attorneys to raise money and support for Sanchez.

According to these so-called “RUMORS” the initial fundraising call is made by the Judge’s brother in law, a member of Laredo City Council, who then passes the phone to the Judge for the dagger.  These calls reportedly include unspoken threats, innuendo and outright bullying by a  judge to officers of the court. (“I REALLY need you to help me on this…”)

Like you, we at the Lizard have a hard time looking at a lawyer and thinking he or she is a victim. In fact, if anybody is going to cave into pressure from a judge, it would be the people who earn their living based on that judge’s decisions. 

If this rumor is true – in other words, if any members of the legal community were to have the ganas to stand up for truth, justice and the American way – then the Three Stooges of Webb County would end up getting poked somewhere other than their eyes!

Stay tuned, Lizardistas!  This is going to get uglier before it gets finished. Rumors will be rumors, but we ALL know the truth

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