Why the Lizard?

In the months following our launch, we received a comment questioning why we at the Laredo Lizard remain anonymous and questioning our “guts” for not showing our faces.

There’s a good reason for that.  We believe in the right to speak our mind without intimidation, as is guaranteed by the Constitution of the United States.  We are not tied to nor paid for by any political campaign, or tied to any PAC.

Why stay anonymous in Laredo?

The Laredo Lizard:  Because you need to know the truth, no matter how stupid it is!

Just ask the local media outlets, whose stories offended the Mayor and were quashed.  As a result, local political coverage has been reduced to “feel good” stories.  Heated races have gone uncovered by our daily newspaper.  It’s been a philosophy of “when in doubt, sit it out.”

And now that the national economy is in the crapper, advertising dollars are harder than ever to come by.  Local media is suffering right now as politicians wait to make their advertising plans … and more importantly to find out when to do it.  So why offend anybody?

With the 2012 elections waiting to happen, look to the Lizard  to help you wade through the fog of local political rumor, hearsay and innuendo.

We’ve got a bag on our head, sure.  But as the days go by, we’ll be helping to unmask the BS in local politics.

The Laredo Lizard:  Because you need to know the truth, no matter how stupid it is!

One thought on “Why the Lizard?

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    No Fool

    November 3, 2010 at 6:53pm

    Why doesn’t Raul disclose why he really wants to keep his office? Is it because the money man needs him in office to use the City as a playground? Raul is nothing more that a liar and a cheat. He claims that he has gotten millions of dollars for Laredo. This is the biggest lie he has told yet. Ask Raul how many grant applcations he has filed. Better yet, ask Raul how the grant process works. Raul has thrieved on the naive nature of the residents of Laredo but the race is not over yet. The rotten apples need to be ejected.

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