The inmates take over the asylum!

Lizardistas, this is BIG.

Still gathering documents but it is apparent that at least one of our candidates for Mayor has violated Texas law EVERY YEAR since 2007!

I’ll bet you can guess who SHE is!

When will our idiotic elected officials figure out that they are NOT above the law.  They are NOT bulletproof.

And if a sardine like Ricardo Rangel can go away for 10 years for a $250 extortion rap, then why should someone from a powerful Laredo political family — a WHALE — get off?

Probably a good thing that we know this now, before any of you waste a vote on a felon-to-be for Mayor.

Or do you just not care?  Are you willing to let el Partido Viejo continue to rule in 2014?


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    September 26, 2014 at 6:20pm

    I Like yoir style.

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