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Four years ago, we, the voters of Laredo Texas, were victimized by a great con artist … Raul Salinas.  For two years, this ex-FBI agent promised everything to anybody who’d listen.  And he said it over and over and over and over until we actually began to believe that he was the second coming of the Savior…

With his meaty finger waving  in the air — looking like a latter-day Benito Mussolini — Salinas promised that his “connections with law enforcement” would:

1) Return our kidnapped loved ones from Nuevo Laredo

2) Put an end to the drug wars in Tamaulipas and Nuevo Leon

3) Keep the shooting from spilling over into Laredo

4) Sidestep the politics as usual and return City Hall to the common citizen.

24 thoughts on “SHAME ON US, LAREDO!

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    No LOnger A. Fool

    July 12, 2010 at 3:18pm

    We are all entitled to mistakes but only a fool would commit the same error twice. No more lies and broken promises for us. Raul just censored the Metro employees, didn’t he promise public input also. We need a fresh face with a strong ethical system and not some “sell-out”

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    Anti Raul

    July 19, 2010 at 1:37am

    Would someone kindly ask the Mayor who soon will be fired as to why former Convention and Visitor Bureau Director Patricia Taylor left her employment with the City of Laredo?
    Could have been that Ms. Taylor would due somebody dirty work such this dishonorable Mayor
    Also why does he go to Monterey Mexico frequently?

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    Anti Raul

    July 20, 2010 at 1:32pm

    Why can’t the Mayor sit through a whole meeting, is it that is must answer his phone as when a vote comes up he is not part of it. He hardly sits through an entire meeting.What can of Leadership is that ?

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    No More

    July 22, 2010 at 2:21am

    Four years ago present District 6 City Council Candidate Javier “Cuate”Mendoza supported our Mayor Raul Salinas. Recently a documentary film was made of him and his twin brother Twin Mates as were Javier is quoted as saying Laredo is an unfriendly town. He is also quoted as saying that if Jesus Christ was a Republican he would not get elected in Laredo, Texas. This is the same individual that was the Webb County Republican Chairman and is not respected by his party? Is he not the same person who was a candidate for Mayor 4 years ago lost that race and then Endorsed Raul Salinas for Mayor, and was he also the same person that ran in the Democratic Primary against present County Commissioner Jerry Garza in Precinct 3 and has lost all previous races? Now he talks against his own Party and the Man whom he endorsed 4 years ago for Mayor

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    No Mas

    July 27, 2010 at 3:23am

    If he Mayor Salinas is still the Right Man for the citizens of Laredo how about The Ethics Committee that was created some time back .Why has not their work been brought forward to the City Council. Could it be that his Puppeteer Campaign Adviser Carlos Villarreal has not authorized him to discus this matter. If certain Council members want accountability initiate The Ethics Commission. That could solve any and all concerns one could have. Mayor all your public appearances on the tube won’t can’t you reelected. You are an over kill for the Tube. Do us the Voters a favor and quit showboating trying to get free publicity.


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    July 27, 2010 at 3:17pm

    For the Highest Elected Official in the City of Laredo Government to campaign at a funeral is the most nauseating thing I have ever heard. A funeral Home is absolutely not a Campaign Ground. One should visit a family at a wake or a Burial for personal reasons not political.
    You are a very disrespectful person to say the least Mayor Go Home Jack

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    HonarableIt has been said that some of the Vote retrivers CANONEROS

    July 30, 2010 at 12:13am

    It has been said and published in the Laredo Morning Times Thursady 7-29-10 that some family memebers have been arrested for for unlawful possession of a firarm. It has also been said that this family have been arrested several other times for other crimes.This family has suppesdly been hired to retrivere Voters AKA CANONEROS for our Illustrious current Mayor a Forner FBI Agent.Should’nt we lead by example

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    July 30, 2010 at 8:36pm

    What are you talking about? Mr. Mendoza is the best qualified candidate and he never ran for Mayor that was his twin nrother.
    I don’t know them very well but I know how to read. They have different names!
    Fred and Orli are sell outs and are pissed because Mr. Mendoza decided to serve the people of district 6 as their next councilmember! He has my vote! I do agree with the comment that even Jesus could not win if he was as a republican in Webb County! That is why Gene will lose!

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    No Fool

    August 1, 2010 at 12:04am

    After 4 years in office he is now concerned about the High School Drop out rate.
    Mayor you show interest 90 plus days prior to your Defeat We no loner want you

    LAREDO, TEXAS 78040
    AUGUST 2, 2010
    5:30 P.M.

    Request by Mayor Raul G. Salinas
    1. Discussion with possible action to establish a working partnership with local school districts and the private sector to reduce alarming “dropout” rates in our schools. (Co-sponsored by Council Member Juan Narvaez & Council Member Cynthia Liendo Espinoza)
    2. Discussion with possible action to create a Mayor’s Blue Ribbon Committee on People with Disabilities. (Co-Sponsored by Council Member Hector “Tito” Garcia & Council Member Jose A. Valdez, Jr.)

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    August 4, 2010 at 4:44pm

    Our illustrious Mayor as well as all other Mayoral candidates has been asked to participate
    in a debate by a group of Government Students. His wonder Royal Hines wants all information ahead of time as he can have his answers prepared by his puppeteer (Carlos Villarreal).
    Laredo will no longer support an elected official who needs special Agendas in Bold letters as when he needs to speak and for him to take action. Every City Council Member gets an agenda as well as all staff members .We the Citizens of Laredo must take the time of our employees to make a special agenda for those who are not capable reading a normal piece of paper everyday.
    The Government Student body is independent and will treat everybody equally so mayor you will not get the preferred treatment if talk the talk make sure you can walk the talk. In short words if you want to be the mayor wear the shoes correctly. Don’t have puppeteers do everything for and tell you when and what to do. The opinion of many Laredo citizens your shoes don’t fit and you should quit while your ahead you don’t have what it takes. We the citizens would be better off having you what you were in the FBI a Puppet. Ya bastas

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    August 9, 2010 at 4:08pm

    To change from one party to another means you are willing to change your values and ideals in order to get what you want. Will this type of pattern continue if elected into office? When does it stop? How many times can you change your name to run for office? A pattern appears to have developed with no stopping in sight. Unlike other statements here, I only speak about things which are factual, have happened and documented. Research chronologically for yourselves to see what I am taking about. Do not base yourselves on he said she said as some do.

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    August 11, 2010 at 4:46pm

    Let us look at the facts. 1) Gene Belmares was elected into office. I beleive he is a republican and is still Gene Belmares. 2) Javier “Cuate” Mendoza ran for county commissioner and is now B. Javier Mendoza running for city council district. So who are we this week? 3) When the twins ( both cuates)were members of the republican party, they openly took credit for Gene Belmares being elected into office. Are they going to take credit now? 4) The Mendoza’s are owners of a company spread out thru Texas, will he be here to attend to our distirct or will he be out of town half the time? These are questions we need to objectively ask ourselves and are based on fact. Not a he said she said.

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    No More

    August 12, 2010 at 7:30pm

    To Twin Mate:
    Glad you and Princess are holding hands.
    CHIHUCHIHUA Dogs are good Guard Dogs for when the Documentry Twin Mates is realsed to be there with her Daddy and her Twin Mate brothers.
    Daddy will soon be able to play with her all the time and have you all the Twin Mates clean Mama’s Salon. That will all happen after November 2 when the Threesome will be at home

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    August 17, 2010 at 7:55pm

    Mr. Mayor,
    How can you talk on Television and say your heart is for the people and you won’t even support the local economy by purchasing USA Products. During you tenure as Mayor of a City that is Recognized
    As a City with a Dog and the dog has priority over those who pay your salary and partially pay for the food Princess eats. You continue to purchase outside the Laredo Taxpayer base and we have a struggling budget tax rebate are down and here you are purchasing Campaign goods outside the City you represent and your CHOW CHOW Wife take your all’s business outside this City Shame on You
    How dare you to ask for our vote if my family has a hard time making ends meet and here you here you are buying outside the City Of Laredo Laredo Tax Base
    Now I will be sure that you are FIRED and Gone forever and Princess too

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    August 20, 2010 at 12:50am

    To Whom It May Concern–

    My name is Patricio Salinas– and I’m the proud film director of “Twinmates” (2009), which is recognized on As an academically trained scholar/aritst– I can assertively attest that my thesis is an interpretation, not a fact, of the evolution of two unique individuals that have more courage and gravitas than 3/4 of the current city-council makeup.

    The Cuates never took credit for Belmares’ election or other things that your postings are eluding to– some of it was my creative license as a filmmaker, others are just distortions by his rivals that have yet to muster valor and discuss the issues on St.John’s radio show( A unique and elusive perspective that is a welcome change to a predominantly closed-minded community).

    Your attacks towards the use of Javier’s first initial–B– is the pettiest and most elementary tactic a campaign manager can ever parade. Also, people have the God given choice to change their mind when it comes to endorsing a candidate or switching political parties, just ask Hillary Clinton or the spirit of Ronald Reagan.

    If truth is what you are seeking, make sure the document is signed by a notary republic or taken under oath.


    Patricio Salinas, MFA

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    Orli has gone negative

    August 22, 2010 at 10:58pm

    Gene Belmares will come in last place since he is an arrogant republican who has no higher education but thinks he is smarter than everyone. He is pushing for his puppet Orli to take his seat but Orli will lose….

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    Grow up

    August 24, 2010 at 10:35pm

    You people need to grow up and (VULGARITY EDITED OUT OF POST. VULGAR language is NOT allowed on this blog – Admin) Why don’t you write your name!!!! Gene and Orli will lose bad!!!!!

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      August 25, 2010 at 3:28pm

      Dear, Grow-up (that’s your real name, right?) —

      I believe most people prefer to post anonymously on a blog like this because of the vindictive nature of Mayor Salinas and his friends. If he’s shameless about going after traffic cops and news media, why wouldn’t he have his “friends” camping out in the front yards of people who speak of him in less than glowing terms?

      Why don’t YOU write YOUR name, Mrs. Salinas? And, by the way, thanks for the vulgar language. Typical of the Salinas gang!

      Keep posting, but keep it clean and civil. This is your only warning.

      — admin

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    August 29, 2010 at 11:06pm

    Dear Patrcio, It is written in your thesis were you Quote that the Twins take credit for Gene Belamres 2 Victories. This site is notabout Gene Belmares as much as the solid truth of the Mayors in Actions. Hr is worthless vindictive and not Politically smart. You also quote that the Twins support 4 years ago was part of our worthless Mayor. If you want read your script again

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    Grow up

    September 1, 2010 at 1:12am

    Gene is gonna lose!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He and his puppet Orli will lose that is why they are going negative! Thats the plan of a losing campaign! I hope you don’t go crazy when you lose Mr. Belmares since you will probably lose your job and your new house! You have alot to lose and will lose. Well good luck on your unemployment!

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    September 8, 2010 at 12:44am

    Now 4.5 years later you want the Laredo Fire Department to inspect the Downtown stores more often. What happen to your friends Mr. Mayor who most of them are your compardres. We know who they are and know who your supporters are. There are no secrets who they are. Now you want to target these same supporters. Are you going to be selective as to who you want to be inspected as not to bother your Donors? As we know you will need them for the runoff and your right pocket friend. Everybody knows who your right pocket is. He is an 8 time losers who is now working on his 9th loss.
    After 9 loses you ought to stay away from all politics stay away completely. You and the Mayor need to stay home and play with Yolanda and Princess

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    All American

    September 17, 2010 at 8:54pm

    How about it this Mr. Mayor as you have talked to a maintenance worker and quote you told him you hate going to function to function. You won’t admit to it but you enjoy the Glory of being recognized. You know you are doing as a due to you campaigning. Truly when you first announced that you wanted to run for Mayor and then you got elected you realized that it was not like the other job you had .This is more work for a non intelligent person. An intelligent person would not seek an elected position take the oath then ask for an extra siphon for travel allowance. Then buy a newer vehicle and a heavy duty one. Mayor admit to us the voting public that you yourself as the mayor have not initialized a project for council to discuss and act on. Such the case as your predecessor who vowed to get the Arena to Laredo put out to the voters passed and she can proudly say it was under regime. You sir don’t have the intelligence to do such a task. Your skills have been recognized has the principal in caring for Princess
    Who feels betrayed as rumors around Laredo that good buddy side kick failure at every election as to where his name has appeared on the ballot. Maybe as promised from a School Board official and up for re election has promised to appoint the Jack has to the appraisal board for his financial contribution towards her re election. Jack Ass is famous for contributing to losing candidates. We need to eliminate all wealthy Jackasses that contribute financially to the election process. That is the only way he can get some power is buying his way in to control those he contributes such the case as the Mayor. Who either speaks to his principal finance officer (RB) or his Puppeteer Papa Carlos? Or as Laredo knows better
    Oscar Zamora and Don Chema would say me caes sura Raul

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    A True American

    September 19, 2010 at 10:20pm

    Quote Laredo Times on the Passing of one Laredo’s Finest Joe A.Guerra Former Councilman

    For Laredo Mayor Raul Salinas, the Gateway City lost a patriot who served the community with pride. “This city mourns the lost of a great leader,” Salinas said. He described Guerra as a humble and dedicated person who made himself accessible to the public. “He spoke up for those who had no voice,” Salinas said. “When he represented his district, he was always very thoughtful of the needs of the people. … I would have loved to have the opportunity to serve with him because of the kind of person he was.

    How can the mayor stand up and the words he did. He hardly new Mr. Guerra and Mr. Guerra had true Ethics not a blob on earth. Mayor you are truly embarrassing piece of Human flesh to use Funerals to do your politicking. The levels you stoop to get the voters attention. Please Mayor retire leave this city you have done for us and will do nothing for us except cost us money in your travel. YA go home leave you are not from here do leave

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    November 7, 2013 at 8:27am

    After I didn’t bow down to his BIKER friends at my job at TKO San BERNARDO he had me fired…. Talk about rude awaking!!!

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