The Election Will Be Held … drum roll please … ON TIME!

That’s right, you heard right!  The panel of judges in San Antonio presiding over the entire redistricting mess has decided that the maps drawn by the Legislature this summer will be THE maps that’ll be used in the 2014 Primary Elections.

That means, Lizardistas, that we will not be sitting on our thumbs waiting for THEM to make up THEIR minds when it comes to OUR elections!

Webb County primaries will be held on March 4, 2014.   Allegedly.

You can read more about the decision by clicking here. 

This will make things a little easier on all the political faithful here in Laredo because there won’t be an extra two months or so tacked onto the election period like there was in 2012.  It’ll be easier on everybody’s feet, hands and pocketbooks.  (Not to mention the general mood of our community.)

This doesn’t mean the redistricting fight is over.  But it does mean that it’s not our problem right now.

Good for us!


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