Big Man Backs Down! But Why?

Today comes news that Mayor Salinas and his gang have re-opened the cleanup efforts of Los Martinez and other effected areas to volunteers who were previously doing the work while the Mayor himself was parading in front of the TV cameras.

As you recall, Salinas had asked the volunteers to stand down and took over the cleanup effort in the name of the City, directing all volunteers to Erasmo Villarreal in his office.

Well THAT lasted all of a day and a half!  Now, the Big Man has asked the volunteers, particularly his rival, Council Man Gene Belmares, to start back up again.

But WHY?  Was it because the public outrage over his behavior was so serious?  If you read local blogs and see Facebook or YouTube, then you’ll see how angry people were at the Mayor’s grandstanding dance.

Or could it be because the phone was ringing off the hook in Erasmo Villarreal’s office and the City just couldn’t handle something as serious as helping its neighborhoods at a time of crisis?

Either way, this continues to be an enormous embarrassment to the people of Laredo, and an insult to anybody who supported this joker four years ago.

What will he come up with next?

3 thoughts on “Big Man Backs Down! But Why?

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    July 16, 2010 at 8:01pm

    The dishonorable Mayor has not be officially served but he been FIRED. Large for words but in person he is a good con artist. He can blow lots of hot air and nothing else. Our dear City Manager and his puppets are trying to protect their Big Daddy from a huge down fall.
    There are honorable and dishonorable people our Mayor falls under the category of DISHONORABLE
    Not to far behindunder Dishonorable is The King

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    No Surprise

    July 19, 2010 at 1:45pm

    It comes as no surprise that the Mayor wants to get publicity at the expense of others. I am so glad that the residents of Los Martinez saw right through him and refused to help his hypocritical campaign exposure. The rest of Laredo is also seeing through him. We need a real Mayor that knows the issues and fights for the people and not just for his puppy. Ados Mudder

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    Anti Raul

    July 19, 2010 at 4:56pm

    Now that the everyone has drownwd you want life Jackets for everyone after the fact.
    Sorry Mayor plot to win the people over is too late
    You Fired
    See reason below

    A. Request by Mayor Raul G. Salinas
    1. Discussion with possible action requesting a resolution to be sent to International Boundary and Water Commissioner, Edward Drusina, to establish an IBWC field office in the City of Laredo.

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