Sign, sign, everywhere a sign!

Salinas' illegally placed sign in the public right of way just before being torn down by the City of Laredo.

You would think that Mayor Raul “Chubby Cheeks” Salinas might have learned his lesson after the Laredo Lizard discovered he was supporting the cartel-controlled businesses across the river and his puppetmaster, Raymond (I’ll run for anything) Bruni, flew to San Antonioon a private plane to try and bail his dumb behind out.

But now, Salinas is giving us yet another indication of just how ignorant he is, wiping his backside with the Texas Election Code and putting his new, CYA signs in the public right-of-ways in Laredo.  That’s why the City has been removing his illegal campaign advertising each day.  Maybe someone ought to print the election code on Salinas’ shiny dome, so we won’t have to see him standing on the street corners and at funerals trying to convince us that his is the behavior of the mayor of an important American (AMERICAN, NOT MONTERREY!) City!

Now in the broad scheme of things, this is NOT a make or break issue.  No big deal.  Honest mistake, right?  Surely Mayor Salinas doesn’t deserve to be fired because he can’t read the election rules … the very rules that are PRINTED ON THE SIGNS THEMSELVES!  We don’t need to fire the man because he’s too dumb to pay attention to the laws he swore to uphold.

o, he deserves to be fired for dozens of other reasons.  We’ll be getting into those as we get closer to EDD (Election Dysfunction Day)

This latest faux pas is just another in a long line of stupid moves and arrogant behavior by a man who had no business being elected to begin with.

What will it take for us to regain a LITTLE bit of dignity?  When will Salinas crawl back up on top of the roof of the Wal Mart?

When you shake his hand, do you wonder where it’s been?  YOU SHOULD!

2 thoughts on “Sign, sign, everywhere a sign!

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    September 16, 2010 at 4:14am

    Our mayor is from another country. He doesn’t know the laws of the State as when he was an Fedral Agent I wonder who was his Puppeteer. Born dumb and Ignorant will leave office the same door he came him but this time there will be a better individual who knows how to read the English language.
    We might try to get princess to explain the Texas Election Code as he might understand her bark a lot better than the English Language
    Bye Bye Mayor go home stay with Princess she needs you more than we do and do keep her warm this winter due that she has been neglected these past 4.5 years.

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    All American

    September 17, 2010 at 8:56pm

    I would like to shake gentelemans hand not a liar.
    Me Caes Sura Raul

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