Poll Results. What does it mean? GET YOUR ASS OUT AND VOTE!

So we’re into the false start of voting … President’s Day holiday keeping everybody on the edge of their seats! (That is one out of three or so of you who’ll actually bother to vote in this election.)

But let’s not get into that. We know from our most recent straw poll that ALL Lizardistas on FB plan to vote. (Get all of your friends, family, etc., to join you while you’re at it.)

EL EMPTY didn’t make its recommendations today. And we won’t either, but here’s what YOU said in the recent (unscientific) Lizard straw polls. NOTE: Some of these polls got some pretty decent response. Some got crap, particularly the race for JP Pct 3.

But most of these races got close to 100 votes; a couple close to 150 and one over 200. Again, this is what YOU had to say. Not the Lizard! They are ALL closed now, btw. Exercise your right to vote at the polls opening Tuesday!

COUNTY JUDGE: Tijerina 77.1; Valdez 15.6; Undecided 7.3

COUNTY COURT AT LAW #1: Martinez 73.6; Morales 19.8; Undecided 6.6

COUNTY COURT AT LAW #2: Garza-Martinez 74.6; Garza 19; Undecided 6.3

COUNTY TREASURER: Velasquez 35.3; Mares 20.6; Salinas 13.2; Montes 10.3; Perales 8.8; Undecided 11.8

DISTRICT CLERK: Ramos 41.9; Degollado 38.7; Undecided 19.4

COUNTY CLERK: Ibarra 48.9; Santos 35.6; Undecided 15.6

COUNTY COMMISSIONER Pct. 2: Noe 37.6; Gutierrez 28; Tijerina 25.8; Bruni 2.2; Undecided 6.5

COUNTY COMMISSIONER Pct. 4: Liendo 49.4; Valdez 26.4; Canales 14.9; Undecided 9.2

JP Pct 1, Place 2: Liendo 66.7; Gonzalez 25.9; Undecided 7.4

JP Pct 2, Place 1: Hernandez 48.5; Garzia 25.8; Veliz 16.7; Saenz 4.5; Elizondo 0; Undecided 4.5

JP Pct 2, Place 2: Castaneda 62.1; Rangel 29.3; Rodriguea 5.2; Undecided 3.4

JP Pct 3 — Insufficient data. All candidates received at least one vote, but undecided received the most.

JP Pct 4 (largest number of votes) — Lujan 54.4; Martinez 31.9; Salinas 4.9; Del Rio 3.5; Gutierrez 2.2; Cantu 1.8; Walker 0; Jaime 0; Undecided 1.3

Thanks to all of you for participating. Pity none of the local “mainscream media” paid this much attention to these important races!

WHAT DOES THIS MEAN? Who the heck knows?

What do you think it means?

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