Olympics kick off in Russia but we freeze our buttskis off here!

Thanks, Lizardistas, for making the Lizard Laredo’s only really viable political discussion site. However, I’ve gotta tell you that it’s a dang shame that nobody else in town is willing to stand up to the fat costs and tell the TRUTH, NO MATTER HOW STUPID IT IS!

Thought we had a radio station with some efficacy, but the word is that it now COSTS to appear on that morning show.  Shame on you!

KGNS and KLDO totally chickened out on any kinds of debates, though KGNS is now goi to be doing individual interviews with the candidates.  Can you say AD SALES?

El Empty has only covered the mobile sign controversy. GREAT JOB GUYS!  You really blew the lid off of campaign fraud!

Sigh … No, amigos, it’s going to be up to us to ask the questions that the coutrageous and responsible local media won’t ask.  Like, for example, where you you stand on the issues?  Or, whyare you better qualified than your (fill in the blank for this interview) opponents?  Or, when is the election?

Yep, folks. The truth is, the uninformed will pick our elected officials because those entrusted with informing the public either can’t, won’t or are too damned lazy to do it. Or… Perish the thought…someone got to them.

But here’s what we’ve learned today:

You already know about Pro-phylactic-News’s plans to satisfy our hunger for knowledge with individual interviews.

We also know that Webb County got FINED $60,000 by the TCEQ for the rio Bravo water disaster. (Did you know that? Well, even though Judge Danny Valdez is pointing fingers like Bill Clinton used to do in a Dunkin Donuts shop, it’s true and he HASNT fixed anything.

We also are trying to determine exactly how illegal the fundraising activities are in the JP races in south Laredo. Something smells fishy and it ain’t the fish! More on that soon.

Finally, our straw polls continue to attract contributors on this site and our mirror FB page. What we have learned is:

Some folks (on both sides of the river) have their panties in a wad over the JP Pct. 4 race. It is by far the most popular straw poll, with nearly 200 votes. I’d say it’s getting close enough to actually be a legitimate indicator of where this race really is. Right now, Sergio Lujan (powered by a huge number of votes from Mexican nationals) leads second place Janie Martinez 57.9%-31.1. Pepe Salinas and Hu-Hsien Del Rio trail, and the other four are trailing the undecideds.

In the straw poll for County Court at Law #2, Linda Garza-Martinez is leading Chuy Garza 77.9% to 18.9. We’ve had well over a hundred votes on that straw poll, so it’s too early to make any observation other than Garza-Martinez’s base of support is probably way more “social” than the Laredo elite who support Chuy Garza.

Same could probably be said for County Court at Law #1, where challenger Hugo Martinez leads incumbent Ben Martinez 76.3%-16.9

It’s not surprising that in the straw poll for County Judge, Tano Tijerina holds an 81.4%-14.3 advantage over Danny Valdez. Tijerina has more FB friends and followers than the next three most popular politicians in Laredo combined, between 15 and 20,000. Folks, that’s enough to win an election. In this online little foolin-around poll, any other result would indicate a reason for alarm in the Tano camp. But the alarm bells probably ought to be going off at the Valdez compound.

All of these straw polls have gotten increasing action, except for JP, Pct 3, where we can only assume there is no interest or internet coverage. Check them all out here, and if you haven’t voted, do so! As we get more info, we’ll post it!

2 thoughts on “Olympics kick off in Russia but we freeze our buttskis off here!

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    el Triple XXX

    February 8, 2014 at 5:48pm

    Lared Lizard, I encourgae you to go to Danny Valdez Facebook page and go to his photos of the recrent Rotary Forum. There will see a photo that summarizes Danny Valdez 32 years of public service, a guy sitting right in front of him with his ears and face covered.

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    February 10, 2014 at 7:42pm

    These results could just point to people who have internet access. We’ll know in a month if ur results hold water.

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