Negative or Nonsense? Altgelt pushes “ethnics” commission!

Mr. Ethnics?

You really didn’t expect to get through an election season without the ads turning dirty, did you? But we’ve seen some crap that doesn’t remotely make sense! Even for Webb County!  If you’re confused, don’t worry.  You’re NOT ALONE!

First it came from the Bruni Loony Bin

Has there been anything dirtier than the underground ads that Louis Bruni (allegedly) has circulated against Frank Sciaraffa?

Then came Fernando …

It was predictable that Fernando Sanchez would do nothing but attack Beckie Palomo because he had done it from the beginning. As they say, desperate times demand desperate measures!

George Altgelt: better qualified to write and enforce the laws than … EVERYBODY?

The most confusing attack of the season came out in Sunday’s Laredo Morning Times. George Altgelt, “Mr. Ethics Commission,” ran an ad that makes NO sense on any level. However, he does conclude by making an unprovoked, unfounded, nonsensical attack on John Galo.

He begins by saying “Ethics Reform = Economic Development.” That should be the initial BS indicator. Have you ever heard of a business that bases its expansion on ethics reform? Altgelt has been beating his ethics reform drum ever since Sciaraffa got caught with his pants down. He probably figured it was a hot topic and would last at least as long as his campaign. But George has bet the ranch on Ethics Reform. No turning back now!
He then continues to say that HIS ethics commission would prevent “lawsuits,” “wasteful spending,” “nepotism” (like getting free newspaper ads from his Mami) and “political favors.”

Altgelt’s ad suggests that his solution to ALL of our problems is to let County Commissioners appoint a new “independent” board to monitor ethics in County government. (We’d only guess that those appointees would monitor everybody but the people that appointed them.)

OK, that makes perfect sense. With Altgelt’s ethics commission in place, we should expect General Motors, General Electric and General Mills all to move their plants, factories and offices to Laredo.
Sound crazy? You bet it does, Lizardistas!

Altgelt has basically said that HE is better equipped to write the laws than the State of Texas, including Senator Judith Zaffirini and Rep. Richard Raymond, the Texas Ethics Commission (which monitors these activities and currently is in the process of dropping the hammer on Fernando Sanchez) and that HE is better equipped to enforce ethics and criminal law better than District Attorney Chilo Alaniz, Sheriff Cuellar, the Department of Public Safety and the FBI.

Crazy?  Well he even makes the outrageous suggestion that an “ethnics commission” would have prevented decisions made by Laredo City Council.  ETHNICS COMMISSION?  Was that a simple typo or a Freudian slip?  Maybe George has issues we need to know about.

But what sounds even crazier is the fact that Altgelt’s wild-eyed (look at his photo) cartoon character (look at his photo) illogical argument is that it all means “Webb County cannot afford four years of John Galo.

Well, folks, that makes about as much sense as, well, the rest of the ad.

News comes tonight that George has launched a singular attack blog gainst Galo through his poorly viewed Facebook account.  He claims Galo has attackd his mother (lie),  Danny Valdez’ wife (another lie), Cortez’s sister. (another lie) and the sheep that Pomcho Casso brought back from Nuevo Laredo.  (possibly true)

If anybody has seen or could produce evidence of Galo, or any other candidate other than George Altgelt, of doing anything of the sort, p,erase contact us immediately and we will post it.

Meanwhile we have no choice but to assume that Altgelt is the worst kind of liar — a man without honor and integrity —  and does not merit our vote.  We have recently been apprised of more of his fantastic business practices in the community and will be publishing them, once we have all the facts … We need!

If you thought that Altgelt just looked crazy (look at his photo), think again. This boy definitely has a screw loose. Stay tuned!

7 thoughts on “Negative or Nonsense? Altgelt pushes “ethnics” commission!

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    Disgruntled Voter

    May 22, 2012 at 10:00pm

    Why would a former assistant District Attorney want to sit as a County Commissioner? But why is George Altgett a FORMER District Attorney? Why was he shown the door by his bosses?

    If one is that intelligent, you would think he would know better than to be an insubordinate Assistant District Attorney (A person who refuses to obey orders or submit to authority). What goes around, comes around, Mr. Former Assistant District Attorney. Spread lies about others and face the truth about you.

    As a youngster I was taught to never point my fingers at anyone as there are always four more pointing back at me. In very short terms, you can print all the lies and criticisms we want, like you did on Facebook Mr. Altgelt, as long as people let you. But voters will eventually catch on to your game. You must think we all are stupid.

    Please tell all the voters why you were asked to leave the prosecutor’s office, Mr. Altgelt.

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    UT Longhorn

    May 26, 2012 at 2:48am

    He left to pursue a position with the county attorney’s environmental division…he was quickly scratched because he would call out developers and his boss didn’t like that….so stop spreading your BS and you should really consider moving to Mexico where your type of politics take place..

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      The Lizard

      May 26, 2012 at 3:59am

      That’s not the way the story’s come down from impartial sources, but we’re happy you came forward with the truth, no matter how stupid it is.

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    UT Longhorn

    May 26, 2012 at 4:08am

    Lizard! Impartial sources? You mean the comadres at La Reyna right? It has to be because I used to work with George at the DAs

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    eric ellman

    May 29, 2012 at 8:27am

    Nice to see you’ve got the Cojones to leave at least one refutation up for the public to view (if they can get that far down through your screed).
    Whose payroll are you on? Can you state for a second that you don’t take money from the opponents of those you lambaste? I volunteered for George Altgelt two months ago as quid pro quo for efforts he’d made in support of my own organization’s community development efforts. The more time I spent with him, the better I got to know him and understand his positions, the more time I volunteered. I have spent the past two months now working for free for the man 1-2 nights/week. I hope I am lucky enough to some day meet another young politician whose character and original ideas inspire me to contribute as much as I have for George. You’ve got my name now. What’s yours?

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      The Lizard

      May 29, 2012 at 2:30pm

      Again, Eric, I state for the record that the Laredo Lizard is independent and is not sponsored or supported in any way by any political campaign or candidate.

      I am glad you have found “religion” following George Altgelt. Participation in any campaign is admirable.

      However you obviously prefer to rage against us is that read what we write. Your fault and your loss. We have always been and shall ever be anonous. Deal with it or get over it.

      Maybe you just can’t handle the truth…no matter how stupid it is.

      Urge all your pals to go vote today, Eric. America needs us all!

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