Just when you thought it was safe…

The Laredo Lizard is back.  We apologize for our absence, but nothing particularly lively has been going on since our last post.

Other than the Salinas divorce, that is.

But that’s not the focus of matters right now, though nobody in our shop would be surprised if this divorce went from civil court right to the DA’s office once the facts come out.

OK, so we do have an opinion on that one.

Then there are those rumors coming out of the south about the on again, off again genital measuring contest between the incumbent County Commissioner and his former boss.  Does anybody really care who comes out ahead on that one?

While we wait for the padrones in Austin and San Antonio to cut a deal, you’ll have to agree that the long and irresponsible delay in redistricting has made for an atypically sleepy, low-key primary season in Webb County. Just a little moaning and whining about  all the walls around town … no really spirited contests (yet) … nada!

Unless you want to talk about a certain sitting district court judge trying to play political kingpin and hand-pick his colleagues on the bench and in other offices.  It may come as a surprise for his honor, but judges are elected to dispense justice, not political endorsements.

Maybe that’s something we can start talking about.

One thought on “Just when you thought it was safe…

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    Not a Diamond

    March 7, 2012 at 2:15am

    Word from South Laredo is there is third horse horde working rather hard without a BMW or 2012 Black TAHOO
    with Leather seats. Rumor mill has said that certain people will loose for the 4th straight time.
    Diamonds and Lizard boots usually don’t go well in South Laredo
    Well incubents continue to hire employess on our Nickel to avoid paying for campaign staff from his pocket. So long as the budget continues to amended to allow such Why Not

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