Is Salinas in bed with Los Zetas?

Salinas' Mexican-made campaign sign.

It is widely believed that if a business is operating today in Nuevo Laredo, it is doing so with the “blessing” of the cartels.  That blessing of course has come with a high price, in money and the blood of our neighbors, friends and even loved ones.


However, Raul Salinas has had his new campaign signs produced in Mexico… and you can bet they weren’t printed in Acapulco!  Can you believe that?  The Mayor of Laredo Texas, the man who promised to bring an end to the violence on the border, the man who promised to return the kidnap victims, the man who is running for re-election based on helping Laredo businesses and its economy is putting money into the pockets of the very criminals he swore to protect us from… both as an FBI agent AND as our Mayor!

Mexican trademark on Salinas Sign

This isn’t about a few political signs.  Local politicians (though not the smart ones) have been buying campaign materials from Mexican businesses for years.  But now, the money flowing across the river is flowing into the pockets of the assassins who have contributed to the murder of an estimated 28,000 since 2006.  Salinas’ money! And if you gave money to finance Salinas, then you should know that when he spends it there, your money is going to finance the most tragic mass murder in the history of North America!

One has to question how deep this relationship goes between Salinas and the businessmen  across the border.  Is is just a few printers?  Or is it much worse?  And, given the pattern of corruption since the Salinases have come into power, you also have to wonder how long this has been going on?

Oh yeah … and what about supporting local businesses, Mr. Mayor!

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    August 20, 2010 at 2:42am

    Does Nuevo Laredo Businesses pay local Property taxes and do they vote or are we filling out false voter Registration in all about way to win. Are you that scared Mr. Mayor? By not supporting your own local taxpayers and a so called former Federal Employee are you paying the State Comptroller the Tax Value for you merchandise. If you are not you are cheating the State of Texas and Punishable by law.
    Should you wish to not support the local business community you will loose in a heart beat sooner than Princess can jump in your lap so you can hug and Kiss her

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    August 22, 2010 at 5:36pm

    Dear Mr. Mayor,
    You have shown your true heart. You don’t believe in buying local. Your heart and soul is in Mexico. Laredo gossip is you travel frequently to Mexico to solicit consulting business for yourself on our nickel.

    If you are such a strong believer in Mexico then when want you de-announce your re election and retire gracefully from the Mayors Chair and go live in Mexico where your heart is?

    You have publicly said on TV that you do things for the people of Laredo from your heart. You mentioned that your heart is for Laredo as per your comment on TV when you run out of the Martinez neighborhood by angry residents after the Rio flooding. If this was so true why is it d that your office and your campaign continue to do business outside this city? Just recently at a City Council Meeting there was a discussion to lobby the State of Texas Senate and House of representatives to do away with the Manifestos so Laredo can get more Sales Taxes but here you take your business elsewhere and you during just the opposite of what the city is trying to do.

    Collect more taxes but here you betray us the Laredo Taxpayers by taking your business outside this city. This is highly disrespectful to us the citizens of Laredo. Many citizens have lost their jobs here and lost their homes due to the lack of employment and not able to pay their taxes on their home. You as the head of this gateway city have the audacity to allow your campaign to buy outside the USA is shameful. Mayor retire go home spend your time with your friends in Mexico (and their padrones) and quit robbing us the Citizens of Laredo by traveling to Mexico and all over .

    You know deep inside your heart is not for the Citizens of Laredo. And now WE KNOW THAT TOO!

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    Laredo Citizen

    August 24, 2010 at 10:56pm

    Mayor is it true that due to all the criticism you and your campaign are getting about your business dealing across the river, you all decided to send your Poltical PIMP (Mr. Bruni) to San Antonio to buy USA made products instead of importing from Mexico?

    Isn’t this the same person who is financing your campaign and is the sitting Chairman of the Board? This Board is the one have sole authority to appoint the Chairman and without council consent. Isn’t the same person wanting more political power due that he has lost about 7 races and is financing other candidates to run for a School Board seat. Is the same candidate that is the Supervisor for a County Department and who a former City Councilman who was calling his contacts last week to come and meet you and with no success?

    Retire Mayor Go home with Princess. Relax you are not going to win. Hope you don’t wind up in jail!

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    August 28, 2010 at 5:35pm

    Mayor, you need not stand at corners holding your sign made in Mexico waving at the citizens and taxpayers of Laredo you have stabbed in the back. Help the community get involved? You can’t fool us anymore.

    You have been appearing in public places for minute-long visits so people say they saw they saw you there. But going to WAKES to shake hands? That’s just dirty politics and disrespectful to the families and loved ones of the dead.

    We are fed up with you and your stupid games!

    Get out of the way.

    Maybe Mr.Shami has more “free” products for you to sell!

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    U S Citizen

    August 30, 2010 at 1:25am

    Mr. Mayor how would you like for all citizens to buy goods outside this community? That no one pays sales tax and everyone abandons Laredo.

    This also fits a colleague of yours, actually your Sugar Daddy, who is paid from taxpayer’s money and works for a taxing entity. If everyone shared your mentality the Laredo Tax base would be worse than what it is.

    I am sure your padron is paid better than 3 figures and to bypass USA and purchase outside the USA is a total shame!

    If every one in his place of employment would purchase everything outside Laredo would he be able to maintain his high profile position excluding what the State of Texas contributes towards his salary. Let all of us boycott spending money here in Laredo Texas for a fiscal year and let’s see how your special friend would feel about not getting a salary. His contractor friends who have done him huge favors monetarily if they were to charge what is correct without the high price gratuity that he has received would his residence been the way it is today.

    Mayor are all your Mexico and Monterrey trips legit? Are is there some private consulting going on by us the taxpayers footing the bill. Are you making special deals with the bad guys over there?

    You need to come clean Mayor and admit you have failed in all aspects of the Office. You are a total embarrassment to this community.

    GO HOME! You are nothing but a LIAR

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    October 17, 2010 at 5:34am

    Thank you for posting on Laredo Pursuant to our policy of fairness and propriety, we cannot post your entry because of profanity, blatant sexual innuendo and innacuracies. Thank the Lord that’s why we’re censoring your post, — because otherwise we’d have to deal with your ignorant and aggressive stance on Laredo Politics.

    PLEA: Please, amigos, keep it clean. Keep it honest. And keep it real. If you’re simply here to attack anybody with falsehoods and illegal libel and slander, be aware that we will not publish your drivel. On the other hand, we want to congratulate you, Mrs. Salinas, on your improved grasp of the English language!

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