salinas-3Not that it matters, folks.  You’re probably going to elect this blowhard County Treasurer, but it’s REALLY important that you realize that Raul Salinas is actively committing felonies under the election law by taking contributions directly from Corporations.

The chunky monkey was ever dumb enough to report it in his campaign finance reports.

His latest two finance reports are attached to this post.

Why do you vote for a guy who so blatantly disobeys the law?  Or are you waiting for the Feds to come and drag his ass off kicking and screaming before you finally realize what a scammer this guy is?  He’s either arrogant or stupid.  Either one takes advantage of our sensibilities.

And you really trust this guy with your money?


Salinas’ February Finance Report — ILLEGAL CORPORATE CONTRIBUTIONS




One thought on “Is RAUL SALINAS Guilty?

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    Laura Martinez

    June 9, 2014 at 10:18pm

    Mayor Raul Salinas, was very rude when I visited his office in August 2009. I let him know about the local FEDERAL GROSS NEGLIGENCE from the Federal Motors Carriers Safety Administration in WALKER PLAZA. My late husband SGT. Ray Martinez had asked for safety equipment for him & his co-workers. His employer, Pecina Santos denied the safety gear, he told Ray the safety gear was too expensive. Ray continued inspecting Toxic containers & died with-in one month. Ray had to photograph & label hazardous containers. When I explained about the my husband & the horrible Federal negligence at the agency. He just said it is out of my hands. He never said at least, sorry for your loss or thank you for letting us know I will tell someone that can see about it. He could at least pretend he cared. I left his office feeling ignored in telling( whistle blow) the death threat danger of the federal agency. A month later I manage to let OSHA know about the (FMCSA) gross negligence & they penalized the federal agency with only 7,000 citation. I am still disgusted by the whole federal investigation. WHERE IS JUSTICE FOR ALL? Sincerely, Laura Martinez

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