Intimidation, Trespassing … must be February in Laredo!

According to our Lizard network, there are numerous reports of intimidation of county employees coming from several current elected officials, included judges, law enforcement and JPs.  Where will this come out? The media?  DON’T BET ON IT.   Will the campaigns talk about it?  Maybe, in hushed tones, but will you believe them?

FOLKS, when someone asks you for your vote, listen.  When someone TELLS you who to vote for, REPORT IT!

Now to the STUPID TRUTH!  This from the JP Pct. 4 race up north.  Actually, we’re still running down details, but it’s more alarming than stupid, especially if you have a kid in school here in Webb County:

While nobody bats an eye when one campaign defaces, destroys, steals or even shoots (yes, we’ve had that, too) the campaign signs of their opponents, we’ve heard from our trusty network of Lizardistas that a campaign worker or workers, snuck into the staff parking lot at a local UISD school and taped a Pepe Salinas for JP flyer on a car that had a Janie Martinez sticker on it.

While that’s nothing compared to the way people were vandalizing Martinez’s and Vicky Cantu’s signs earlier in the campaign (lewd sexual caricatures, poorly drawn by all accounts, etc.), the fact that someone was allowed to trespass on school property while class was in session and tamper with the car of a school staff member is frightening.  What if this person was doing more than taping a flyer on someone’s car?  What if, God forbid, this person was carrying a weapon and taping an explosive device, chemical agent or something equally sinister on that person’s car?

This, folks, isn’t a matter of stupid campaign politics, though I have no doubt that it is the act of a stupid person doing stupid things in the name of a candidate who probably was unaware it was going on.  But if I had a child in class, I’d be REAL concerned. What’s a 25-cent bumper sticker compared to the safety and security of our schoolchildren?

Candidates need to take responsibility for their “flocks.”  Or face the consequences.  I truly hope UISD police as well as other law enforcement officials are able to identify this joker and bring him AND the campaign for which he works to justice.

It isn’t funny, Lizardistas.  STUPID AS HELL, but not funny!

Finally, it’s noteworthy that a long and hard-fought antidefamation suit has finally (allegedly) been settled and the First Amendment of the US Constitution upheld.   Earlier this week, the fourth court of Appeals dismissed the suit against VIDA and local watch/bulldog Hector Farias filed by gazillionaire businessman Eduardo Garza.  Don’t know how much more fight is left in that dog, but here’s the story from KXOF-TV

We haven’t been in the middle of that … but it’s good to know that sometimes all the money in the world just can’t buy justice.  Meanwhile both VIDA and Mr.Garza are still playing hard in the community.  It’ll be interesting to see whose candidates prevail in the coming elections.


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    February 3, 2014 at 12:42am

    This from a place where the Patron system existed not so long ago. Its normal and not stupid blatantly crooked minded people who will do nothing short of living of the community for as long as possible.

    I propose that all politics should be in a reality show. being recorded 24-7 while campaigning. would be nice to see them as they really are slime balls.

    lets go viral with this people expose them for who they really are. leeches..

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    February 5, 2014 at 9:44am

    Did it ever occur to you that may be the person involved in sneaking into the UISD school might have been a member of the school or maybe a police official. This is just me brain storming but in all reality Let’s just for a minute say it is what I’m saying is true nothing will be done just like the Webb county deputy who was recently arrested and washed under the rug instead of following procedure like they do with everyone else he simply walked into the jail through the same doors that the public uses and exited the same way and was there for No longer than 20min nearly not long enough to even book him. So what does that tell you that regardless of who it is nothing will be done unless more people start standing up for what is right.

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    July 23, 2014 at 6:43am

    Will, thank you so much for sharing your story and prnteesing an opportunity to support this very worthy cause. I am retired from the school system and am a friend of your father’s.My husband and I are honored to make a donation and send you our encouragement and support. May God bless you and your family.Jenice Yoder

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