From a Reader — Wrongdoing in the UISD PD, or a personal ax to grind?

This from a Lizard reader who must stay anonymous.

(NOTE: The Laredo Lizard does not vouch for this reader or his story (assuming it is a “he”). But stories of mistreatment, bullying and corruption in supervisory positions at EVERY level of government are so rampant right now,we figured you might want to hear this one, too.)

• I am an employee at United ISD. I work for the Police department and I want to remain anonymous because I am afraid of losing my job.
• There is a political agenda to appoint a chief of police from within the department. If people only knew of the issues, everyone would be concerned.
• The Interim Chief Clemente Camarillo allows so much wrong doing at the Police Department and this is the person that is rumored to be appointed to be the permanent Chief of Police.
• Camarillo has had several brothers that work for him at the department. That is a conflict in itself.
• Several years ago one brother was made to resign because he was caught not showing up to work but yet getting paid. He now works for the Laredo Police department. Why was he not fired?
• Last year another brother was made to resign because he was also caught not coming into work but getting paid. He was even seen on video arriving at work in shorts and clocking in at the beginning of the shift and then coming back and clocking out at the end of his shift wearing shorts. He was a police officer, he should be in uniform. Right after he resigned he was hired by the Laredo ISD police department. Why was he not fired?
• There is a brother that works there now (Ricky Camarillo) that has been sued for excessive force and sued for a car wreck he was involved in.
• There is a rumor all around the police department that this same Camarillo brother/police officer beat up a student around Thanksgiving time. I am sure nothing happened to him he still works there, and there were witnesses and video. We have cameras in all the campuses. Why was he not fired?
• Everyone here knows these things happen and someone needs to do something about it.
• Camarillo has a lieutenant that is his right hand man. His name is Aaron Salazar. Salazar has a security license and has his hand in many different businesses that offer security work in Laredo and other cities. Look on the DPS website and you will see his name under Laredo, Texas under Private Security. He has some of the UISD employees working for him.
• Salazar works with some other UISD employees because they use his security license to get contracts. All that time and effort should be focused on better securing our students.
• Salazar and several others work all night 10 or 12 hours and then come straight to work at the school. How is that acceptable?
• Salazar would even come in right before lunch after working all night, instead of 8 am like he is supposed to. I am sure he was getting paid by the school from 8am. He sure would not stay late to make up his time. Salazar would come in late and then take Camarillo to lunch. I guess that was part of the deal.
• Salazar even has an employee as a security guard and it is his father. His father works directly under his Son (Salazar).
• Salazar has an office next to Camarillo, how could Camarillo let this happen? Must be turning a blind eye!
• All you have to do is ask the security companies they worked for to let you see the timesheets. They worked all night doing security and then come to work at the school. How is that safe?
• These are some of the concerns that are very disappointing.
• I hope someone looks into this and keeps this from getting worse.
• We don’t need these bad politics in a police department that takes care of all these students and teachers.
• We need change, there are several people that are taken care of by Camarillo and this is the same way it used to be 6 years ago when Dennis Garcia was the Chief. We had the same problems with Garcia.
• Garcia was fired for the same reasons. People were double dipping and political favors were done all the time.
• Camarillo was a Captain for Garcia back then, he is the same product.

24 thoughts on “From a Reader — Wrongdoing in the UISD PD, or a personal ax to grind?

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    Juan Lazcano

    February 17, 2014 at 5:18pm

    Don’t be hating put your name who ever is the hater they’re doing a good job anyways ur just hating. Wtf

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      Carlos Gonzalez

      February 19, 2014 at 9:43am

      Dont know what this person is talking about Mr. Camarillo is doing a great job. He has qualified personnal working in the intrest of the students and his community obviously this person needs to do more research or stop wasting your time and take care of the students your assigned to take care of.

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    February 19, 2014 at 9:14am

    I would like to comment regarding the UISD police department issue. I want to say how sad that people can make statements regarding one or more persons because of personal issues or other agendas they want for the police department. The comments written, attack this man by means of his family, and not on anything he has done personally. We do not control the choices or actions of our family members. As for the resignations, of these family members, everyone has the choice, in any work place to resign before being terminated. We see this all the time ,in our local media. Human resources, in any work place, also play a role in how people will continue employment with any department. Cheif Camarillo, has had positive influences in many ways, with many people. Why not bring out the issues of everyone and how they impact the department as a whole? No, whomever wrote these things, chose to pinpoint certain people at their convenience, and not point out their own faults.
    In any workplace, you will not satisfy everyone, you will not be liked by everyone, and you will make mistakes, but take responsibility for your own actions and stop pointing out the negative in others that are doing a job, to the best of their ability.
    C.Camarillo continue to do your job, there are many who support and encourage the work you do, for the students and teachers of UISD.

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      February 20, 2014 at 2:35pm

      Why should we believe you? If you are an employee of UISD you know the policies & procedures that are in place which would protect you and would not be fired. With this being said and you going public with your allegations you have the least possibility of being fired, so please do come forth out of obscurity, don’t hide like a coward. Now, first of all why should we believe you? How do we know you are not an applicant and want this position. I also work for UISD PD, and choose to remain anonymous but shall you come out I will too. All I could say of Chief Camarrillo my respect to you Sir. You have lead this team with great professionalism and demonstrated great leadership.

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    Andrew Zamaripa

    February 19, 2014 at 9:54am

    •Talk about personal ax to grind! Right ?

    • It’s ashamed that after being a member of that organization he/she decides to make it look bad. Wow!

    •It is also ashamed and literally typical of an extremely jealous and envious person that would actually have the time to be that family’s historian! Then to take it to whole other level of attempting to hurt another’s hard working reputation.
    “Maybe it’s because she/he wants to be chief???

    • I believe that person should put all that investigative capability that he/she used on that family to good use and apply it in the school district other than to be focusing on a certain person.

    I Believe this is personal attack on that humble family

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      September 21, 2014 at 6:55pm

      Sorry but it’s obvious that they screwed someone? I don’t believe that people do things because of jealousy, if they had the balls to do something to hurt people have the balls to speak the truth and acting innocent, as if your being attacted. Act one way in front of certain people and another way in front of others. Be a man and own up.

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    February 19, 2014 at 10:21am

    Mr. Camarillo is doing a great job. He has good interest in the students at UISD obviously the person who wrote article should do more research or stop wasting people’s time or his own and take care of the students and campus he’s been assigned to.

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    Ramiro Mtz

    February 19, 2014 at 3:54pm

    Sounds personal….Shame on you Mr. Police officer you talk about bad politics. Well slandering peoples name on the internet for their families is bad politics 101. If you care so much about the teacher’s and students safety why dont you go about it the right way. Schedule a meeting with Camarillo and discuss your issues instead of investigating his family. Give him a chance. Why are you so afraid of a change. Sounds like your a puppet taking orders from somebody. Uisd tax payer

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    February 19, 2014 at 8:29pm

    Unfortunately, when you have family members working under you, you can control their unacceptable behavior and actions. All along C. Camarillo knew what his brothers were doing and no type of disciplinary action was taken on his part or from his right hand man (A. Salazar). On the contrary, they had more privileges that the rest of the department employees. Camarillo and Salazar were very much aware that his brother Sergio was committing theft of service. Camarillo is very well aware of Salazar other employments. It is true, you will never satisfy everyone and we all make mistakes. But why don’t we start by him setting the example as Captain or Interim by taking responsibility from allowing all these to happen. It was when he couldn’t longer cover up for them because they were on video, when he decided to report it to HR. What is really so sad is that his own family members damaged the image of this man to become the next Chief. Camarillo do you have the capability of taking control of this department? For all you people that comment, it takes one to work there to know one.

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    February 21, 2014 at 8:11pm

    Unfortunately when you have family members working under you, you can control their unacceptable reckless behavior and their actions, it’s called DISCIPLINARY ACTION. All along C. Camarillo knew what his brothers were doing and no type of discipline action was taken on his part or from Lt. Salazar who was the immediate supervisor. On the contrary, they had more privileges than the rest of the other police officers who always get the short end of the stick. Camarillo and Salazar’s click always get the best of the best. The new patrol cars, trainings, special assignments, in-house promotions, they can pull out twenty officers at once to go have lunch with the chief or to be out there politicking (what happened to the safety of the children first), and last but not least to say they make up their own schedules (not to mention Office Manager Joanne Jimenez). Every time we call her office she is never there. There is so much favoritism and abuse in overtime assignments with the same excuses that no one wants to work. One cannot ask for a flashlight because there is no money in the budget, but yet there is money to build a parade float during company time. It was when Camarillo and Salazar no longer couldn’t cover up for them because they were on video, that they decided to report it to HR. Camarillo was well aware of his brother Sergio committing theft of service. Salazar was his immediate supervisor. He had been doing it for years. Why did he wait so long to do something about it? His brother Ricky is a liability to the district (two excessive use of force on students and reckless driving). Why is the district waiting for another incident to happen? Tax payers, our tax money is being spend on attorney’s fees to represent Ricky! Another liability to the district is Ben Bondoc, who always impersonates a police officer, and especially in allowing him to have police lights and conduct 78’s and police escorts with lights on, on his SECURITY K-9 unit. Only because you train with LPD, does not make you a police officer. With all the money being spent on K-9, by now we could have had certified peace officers as K-9 Handlers! Camarillo was very well aware of Salazar having several jobs at once. Why did he allowed it to happen? What is so ironic is that two of employees resigned for negligence of duty and the other for theft of service. All of these three employees were under the immediate supervision of Salazar. Again, it was when they were on video, that they decided to report it to

    HR. Where was Salazar all this time that all this happened (maybe managing his other security companies)? It is true what is said on one of these comments. You will never satisfy everyone, and we all make mistakes. But why don’t we start by Camarillo as Interim, in setting the example in taking responsibility in allowing all these to happen. What is really so sad is that his own family members and his right hand man (Salazar) damaged the image of this man, who is to become the next Chief. Once again, he allowed all these to happen. Doesn’t this makes you wonder if he has the capability of taking control in leading a police department???? For all you people that comment, it takes one of us officers to work in that department to know one!!!!

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    February 26, 2014 at 8:50am

    Being a police officer for the district for many years, I have personal knowledge of what is going on in our department. I also know that if you speak up in a negative way you will be terminated. No ands ifs or buts. I have read this article and affirm that who ever wrote it is telling the truth. I will remain anonymous but if an investigation is started and I am called in I will gladly let the investigator or investigators know of my knowledge. I understand why this person who wrote the article wants to remain anonymous. Be respectful of people who want the truth to be known even if it’s against people whom we like. Our leaders are only human. It is just sad that their actions are so closely scrutinized be everyone, but that’s how we keep our checks and balances.

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      A Parent

      February 28, 2014 at 6:59pm

      I am a parent of a child in UISD. I think that Mr. Camarillo is an asset to the district. He has done wonderful things for our community. I think he has great ideas. I have seen him and his staff working very hard to raise money for our underprivileged students (bucket brigade, flag football games, jail in bail). Another wonderful idea he presented is involving other law enforcement agencies such as firefighters, custom agents etc. to be present at our schools during the students lunch time to visit with students. furthermore, I think preparing a float representing our district was a very nice touch!! As a parent I feel a sense of peace knowing that the UISD police is so involved under his direction. It is a shame that anyone would try to prevent such a fine hard worker from becoming our chief.

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      March 7, 2014 at 8:54pm

      Look people, what these people are trying to do is to trigger an investigation like they did with Chief D. Garcia. A fictitious letter was submitted to UISD and more less the same was mentioned as what these people are mentioning above. UISD hired an old lady to come in and to investigate the allegations. She spoke to each officer to inquire information on the department. As result of this investigation Chief Garcia resigned. That is why these people keep mentioning,” that if an investigator comes to talk to me, I will gladly tell him everything.” I assure you that nothing is going on in this department the problem is that Pete Arredondo wants the position as chief and Lt. Ramon Salinas, officer Danny Gtz., and Joe Arranda are trying their best to burn Chief Camarillo so that the districts opens the position to the outside and not just within. As a matter of fact, I just saw all these four guys eating at Danny’s on Malinche planning their next move. I hope that Board Member Ramirez reads this so that he can see that Danny is still going against Chief Camarillo even after Camarillo reassign him back to his position as evidence officer. As for Pete Arredondo, bro I don’t know what you are trying to do. This same will happen to you if you, by any miracle, end up getting that position and remember we are more…. Keep changing tires. As for you Joe Arranda, I hope Mr. Santos finds out what you are doing behind his back and giving Pete false hopes. You are just creating more animosity within this department. As for you Ramon Salinas, Chief Garcia knows that you were involved in that letter. Ramon Salinas is against Chief Camarillo because Chief Camarillo had recommended Sgt. David Mtz for the Lt. Position, but Board member Roberto Ramirez help him obtain that position and Chief Garner recommended this loser. It was later that the department found out that he takes medication for Bipolar disorder. In closing, this information is accurate and you, the reader, be the judge. Let’s see how long this comment last before it is removed. As for you Ramon and Danny, why don’t you guys go some where else, and you will see how this department would be so happy without you. Oh and your way out don’t forget Gloria.

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    February 27, 2014 at 7:24pm

    Wow, Mr. Anonymous maybe we should be worried that your an officer and you seem to be publishing your “Anonymous” opinion during working hours!! Be concerned with your own ethics before your slander your own department. It is evident that loyalty and integrity are not part of your vocabulary. For the personal attacks on your fellow colleagues–shame on you!

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    Parent 101

    March 1, 2014 at 8:09pm

    I am a parent of children in UISD and I have had the opportunity to me Mr. Camarillo and he is a very fair, respectful, hard working individual! He has done many things for the community and has successfully completed many projects!! All you people that are running your mouths are ridiculous! All your points are hear say!! There is no proof and they are petty hateful accusations! He is good for our community and for our kids!

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      May 4, 2014 at 8:00pm

      Mr. Camarillo is in it only for the money. He doesn’t care about the children. He doesn’t even care for the well being of his own child , how could he possibly care for others? He has everyone fooled.

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      May 13, 2014 at 11:30pm

      Good for our kids? It’s just an act. He should be trying to be good to his children. He has everyone fooled.
      Mr. Camarillo have some respect and show your true colors.

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    el machete

    March 3, 2014 at 2:58pm

    My question is: Where is Lt. Ramon Salinas. Why haven’t this police officer mention him? Didn’t you know Mr. Police Officer that Lt. Salinas was working all this time at the oil rigs too. How funny that after getting fired from the oil rigs everything comes to light… About Camarillo’s familly it didnt take a video to address the issue morran… It was a complain that was brought up that triggered the investigation, and what happen Lt. Salazar along with Chief Camarillo and HR took appropiate action. Again, If you were an employee you would know process and how it take a lot paperwork and evidence to be able to terminate someone. But like always Ramon, if you would get off your ass and stop reading the newspaper you might learn something from these two guys or should i call you Champ. A Lieutenant that guides himself by saying, “If I do or don’t do I still get paid the same…. ” These letters are political attacks from Lt. Salinas, Hector Herrera, and Pete Arredondo. For you Pete, go back to Uvalde because you will never set foot here. Don’t you get it you are no one bro. No wonder Martin has you changing tires at the road and bridge….Uff. I am not forgetting you Hector. Give it up man, you were not awarded the contract get over it thats what happens when you mess with an educated man. Especially, when he taught you everything that you know and you back stab him….Borracho. Oh and you Ramon Salinas; you peace of shit, everything that they have done for you and you pay them back like that. Why dont you mention everthing that they have done for. Whose the real employee now….

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    March 7, 2014 at 8:45pm

    I would like to comment on the harassment that is going on the police department. A week or two ago several employees of this department were taking out police and security officers to go vote during their working hours (not during their free time). All these employees were forced to go vote, they did not go on their own free will. Dispatcher Morales was calling the campuses that as per Lt. Salazar they are going to pick you up to go vote. I thought voting was an option. I believe that is good to encourage people to go out and exercise their vote. I don’t see anything wrong in being out there and supporting your candidate. What I think it’s wrong is the way that Sgt. Gonzalez harasses these security officers (he is on video). These security officers are tired of this Sgt. harassing them. They are afraid to speak out because their overtime will be cut. I’m sure someone is aware of the actions of Sgt. Gonzalez and nothing is done about it. Also Sgt. Flores was also harassing officers to collect signatures during working hours for one of the candidates and no one ever brought it up to his attention. What they are doing is just abusing their powers. STOP THE HARASSMENT, STOP THE CORRUPTION!

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    Corruption Continues at UISD

    April 3, 2014 at 5:23pm

    Hello, my name is …





    … In closing, I apologize to all those innocent people that might get hurt by this letter, but you all deserve to know the truth as well. It was time to inform the public that everything that has been mentioned on these previous two letters is nothing but fictitious and harmful comments. Everything that was mention in this letter is true and can be verified and if you still have doubts just wait and see the domino effects that this letter is going to cause.

    Who is the employee now?

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    April 10, 2014 at 8:17pm


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      El machete

      May 27, 2014 at 12:24pm

      Que les Valga Verga pinche bola de ojetes…. Ponganse a trabajar pendejos…. Que viva la revolucion hijos de puta….. Y entrenle putos paque sepan con quien se tan mentiendo. Ustedes y el puto guero nos Pelan la Verga. Que viva Cesar Chavez!!!!!

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    Benji guerrero

    May 21, 2014 at 11:11pm

    I want to remain anounymous. I am a uisd employee. How is it possible that mr Molina is supporting &allowing security officer marcos escamilla to go sleep all night at south side uisd bus transportation & allowing him to work as a uisd bus driver in the morning shift & afternoon shift &dont think he needs the money his living his ass at guadalupe projects w his lover lol payin 100 $rs a month of rent which his name is not even under the contract shame shame on u mr molina for alowing this just this is called lambe culos

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    May 29, 2014 at 11:34pm

    Mr clemente plz put ricardo sanchez to work for him to get his lazy ass up and do his job right he just sleeps and askin people to buy him food i guess they dont pay u well sanchez that u go around pickin up cans dam guy ur a disgrace to the district stop ur blah blah blah ur worst than your co worker women they have more balls than always complain go tell ur attorneys to get u a higher payin job u talk shit that u have attorneys and stuff and ur pickin up cans even get the leftovers that they take u from TETCO what a looser ricardo sanchez

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