Early vote recap? Things becoming clearer after a week.

What if they game an election and nobody came?  It looks only slightly better than that for this years highly awaited Democratic Primary.

Word out of the Elections Office indicate an early vote projection of somewhat lower than 12,000 countywide, but that could change if voting picks up over the weekend. As of Thursday, early vote had slowled to a trickle, with more ballots being cast in the north than in the cash and carry south.

With the Memorial Day weekend coming the day before Election Day, however, hopeful candidates are going to be hard pressed to cash in on the final day of early vote, or generate much momentum or the streets during the weekend. Blame it on the Republican map makers or the courts, but the fact is, the impact of a much delayed election day is going to result in lackluster voter turnout, as far as we can tell.

What does this mean?

Local pundits, rumoristas, gossip mongers and fortune tellers have been offering their opinions for months now. Now that the voting is nearly half over, some of the BS is beginning to make sense:

1) Tracy King will win Webb County in convincing fashion then go on to embarrass Jerry Garza district wide. Garza just hasn’t energized a fickle base here in Laredo and King is relentless.

2) Unless Rufino Lopez makes a surprise showing late, Beckie Palomo will win Laredo’s “War on Women,” and beat Fernando Sanchez and Lopez going away.

3) Marco Montemayor will be close to winning without a runoff for County, but will wind up having to prove himself against Anna Laura Cavasos Ramirez.

4) Mike Montemayor should cruise to victory in Precint 1, but Frank Sciaraffa has too many friends, relatives and favored owed to discount the possibility of a runoff there, too, which Sciaraffa will win. Bruni will play the clown … Again.

5) In what has turned into a very tame contest, John Galo will win without a runoff in Precinct 3. With no TV or radio to get his message out — in fact, with no real message — voters won’t be able to support Danny Lopez Jr.. Altgelt harms his chances every time he shows his face and the other two are mere blips on the chart. Unless something dramatic happens, Galo wins with low to mid 50 percentile. Altgelt and Lopez will fight it out to finish 25 points behind the leader.

6) Precinct 1 constable will continue to be Rudy Rodriguez

7) Harold Devally and Jerry Gonzalez will duke it out in a runoff for badge and gun, Precinct 4

Of course this is based on rumor, street talk, reports of candidate polling and talking with voters who have just voted.

Put down your “rah, rah” signs and tell us what YOU’RE hearing.

The Lizard recommends you vote. Don’t be bitching if you’re not there pitching!

One thought on “Early vote recap? Things becoming clearer after a week.

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    A Voter

    May 19, 2012 at 3:39pm

    Webb County needs to make arrangements for early voting sites. As some land owners make it very difficult to rally for a candidate. 100 Degree weather sun shinning down and land owners with all rights don’t want electioneering on their property,
    Some candidates providing shade but land owners prohibit shades on property. Can’t our stupid Election Adminstrator make better arrangements as it does happen frequently. He normally stays in his shell like a turtle and doesm’t have enough comon sense to get out of the rain when it’s raining.
    Very dissatisfied with Elections office and staff.

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