Chuy Garza? Are YOU Afraid of this guy?

Apparently a whole bunch of the Webb County legal community are afraid of “Judge” Chuy Garza, the laziest man in show biz!

Though nobody has announced against him, it’s pretty certain that public defender Linda Garza-Martinez is going to try and overturn the fruit cart and put an end to Garza’s reign as Webb County Court at Law judge.

Should that disturb Garza?  Absolutely!  Basically because he’s been the epitome of laziness in his years on the bench.  Program after program has been funded and he’s blown them off because he just doesn’t feel like implementing them.

In fact, because of Chuy Garza, we have no efficient drug rehab program carried out in Webb County.  Thankfully Judge OJ Hale took the pressure off Chuybacca and adopted the drug program through the 406th sidtrict court.


Chuy Garza is SO afraid of any challengers, that his main man, Jerry Perez, actually put his hands on a potential challenger in a public venue. That’s right, this “gentleman,” who’s been fired from the county a number of times yet hasn’t ever missed a paycheck, was heard throwing filthy epithets at Mrs. Martinez (wife, mother and public official) at the Easter Seals concert a couple of weeks ago.  Not only did he call her filthy names in public (reminiscent of former County Judge Louis “The Werewolf” Bruni) but Mr. Perez — a member of Judge Garza’s court — ACTUALLY PUT HIS HANDS ON MRS. MARTINEZ, PINCHED HER AND CALLED HER ADDITIONAL NAMES.  This is the same man who had been fired numerous times by Webb County for inappropriate behavior.  Somehow, Judge Garza (el …..) never took him off the payroll.

Why Linda didn’t have this mamon arrested is her business.  Why County Democratic Chairman Silverio Martinez didn’t kick this guy’s culo is his business.

But Chuy Garza is a piece of OLD FURNITURE.  These tactics will not be tolerated in Webb County.

And Garza will be defeated.  We have nothing against homosexuals here in Laredo.  But Judge Garza has LONG outlasted his welcome.  If you have business before his court, then nobody will blame you for kissing his buttocks… and we know he’s already reached out to every attorney, plaintiff and defendant in Webb County who could possibly benefit by Garza’s continued rule.


Stay tuned, Lizardistas!  This is juicy and will only get juicier as we get closer to Election Day!

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