Bruni Wins the South! (ahem)

Happy Sunday, Lizardistas!

With a predicted high of 108 on Election Day, we hope you’re enjoying the cool weather today, because it’s going to get muy caliente!

But nothing is mas caliente than this bit of news that just flashed in from the South: YOU MIGHT AS WELL STAY HOME ON TUESDAY BECAUSE LOUIS BRUNI HAS ALREADY SEWED IT UP … according to him, of course.

If you believe that, then we’ve got some beachfront property in Wyoming you may be interested in.

According to Bruni’s interpretation of a poll he paid for (operative term, paid), he is sitting in the upper 50s today, and will cruise to an easy victory in Precinct 1.

Now, the former County Judge (yes, we really DID elect him to that position of authority once upon a time) didn’t say how many people were polled, when the poll took place or whether it what kind of group was called, but this is the second such poll he claims has him near 60 percent.

According to what we’ve heard and seen, Bruni will finish out of the money again. Fourth, in a three man race.

He also claims his Precinct 1 poll indicates a runoff between John Galo and George Altgelt, with George’s partners, Danny Lopez Jr., and Hector Cortez scrapping over about 15%, which is what Altgelt left them after he neutered them, and Poncho Casso with less than 1% (makes sense, considering how many public displays of emotion Casso and Bruni have shared over the years.)

So Bruni’s Precinct 1 crystal balls are shining across town now.

Further, his Precinct 1 poll has Beckie Palomo at over 60%, Anna Laura Cavazos being forced into a runoff with Marco Montemayor, Wayo Ruiz and Harold Devally in a runoff for Pct 4 Constable and Rick Rodruquez keeping his job.

Though we don’t know who conducted the poll, it is a good bet it was the same pollster who had Bruni at 55% the last time around, and the same firm that has conducted research for Bruni over the years.

If you recall, Bruni was “ahead” when he ran for re-election six years ago, too. He then finished fourth in a four-candidate race.

Why is Bruni telling people about this now? Well, to paraphrase that old joke: I’m Loony Bruni! I’m telling EVERYBODY!

Certainly 300-400 people aren’t the same as 30,000, so you’ve got to take these numbers with a grain of salt.

But in Bruni’s case, you might bring the whole salt shaker!

ON ANOTHER NOTE: The Laredo Morning Times ran a small “Correction” ad on top of George Altgelt’s regular ad in today’s LMT. It corrected his “ethnics commission” misprint in last week’s version of his ad.  It may have been more than a misprint, because “somebody” felt the need to clear the air about it. Most unusally, this small correction block has Altgelt’s color photo and color logo in it. Since there is no political disclaimer on the “ad,” we can only assume the Laredo Morning Times paid for it.

If that’s the case, then this would be the first time we’ve ever seen a retraction or correction in the paper that contains the photo and logo of a candidate. Other candidates take note! You too could get a free color ad in the Morning Times. Just send them your ad with a typo!

What? LMT didn’t pay for that ad? Altgelt did? NO DISCLAIMER? Wonder what the Texas “Ethnics” Commission would say about that?? Maybe the same as the hospital staff did the other night when hospital staff escorted Altgelt from the premises after he was caught distributing campaign literature in the same building as early voting.

How ethical!

Happy Sunday, Lizardistas!

One thought on “Bruni Wins the South! (ahem)

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    Panther Fan

    May 27, 2012 at 6:17pm

    Could it be possible that Mr.Bruni could have been in the Sun Campaigning and that could have affected him?

    Could it be that Mr.Bruni really wants to be in that courtroom again to at least try and make Life miserable for the Judge Valdez, who wiped Mr.Bruni off the political stage?

    It has been rumored that Mr. Bruni has go on one of his rampage acts using every word possible to intimidate Election workers. It has been said that his campaign staff have left him alone again because his choice of words towards everyone is not the most correct way of talking.

    Is it possible that Looney has a grudge and is dying to try and complete his task of trying to insult everyone to gain a seat for revenge?

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