Bruni Tries to Bring Sciarraffa to HIS Knees!

Bruni and Sciarraffa before the big BLOW UP!

“As the Stomach Turns.”

This comes as no surprise.  Louis Bruni and Frank Sciarraffa fighting in court again.  Well, not technically, since it’s only Bruni’s MONEY that’s in court with the Precinct One Commissioner.  Again.

Today, the newspaper reported that Sciarraffa’s former administrative assistant, Sara Jo Davila, had filed suit alleging sexual harassment against her employer (AND WEBB COUNTY) while she worked for him in the County Courthouse and then again after he got her a job as director of the La Presa Community Center.

Click here to read the lawsuit.

She claimed Big Frank forced her to “perform” oral sex at least once a week for a number of years and that she couldn’t say no because she was afraid she’d lose her job, benefits and eligibility for county retirement.

This went on for YEARS?  Holy moly, Lizard fans!  You have to believe that somebody got a whiff of things during that time and would have blown the whistle.  But nope, this dirty little story came out just in time for “Patron v. Peon II, the Scuffle for the South.”

Davila had filed a complaint with the civil service commission and EEOC …  civil service wouldn’t touch it and EEOC flushed it.

Wonder what Rush Limbaugh would have to say about this situation?  I think he’d probably call Bruni the “s” – word.

Wonder what Rush would say if he knew that Davila’s decision to meet Sciarraffa’s advances head-on was sponsored entirely by former nightcrawler, Louis H. Bruni; the man who singlehandedly financed Sciarraffa’s first campaign for County Commissioner and then sued Sciarraffa for his money back after  getting pounded by EVERYBODY during his own re-election campaign and who is now challenging Sciarraffa in Precinct One?

THAT’S A MOUTHFUL … but then again, that’s what this story is all about, right?  Apologies, gentle readers, but this entire episode is being blown way out of proportion, and considering the reputations of the parties involved, it BEGS for ridicule.

Without sinking any deeper into the sewer, we should focus on the REAL issue here.  It’s not whether Davila served as Sciarraffa’s chief of staff.  She admitted she did it. Did Sciarraffa threaten to fire her if she didn’t?  Possibly.   That’s for the court to decide, even though two previous attempts to gain relief through a sexual harassment complaint were unsuccessful.  Was she forced to do it every week for year after year?  Again, the story smells fishy.  Naming Webb County in the suit?  That’s a no brainer; like the three involved in this sleazy story – Bruni wants his money back.  Sciarraffa doesn’t have any.  Webb County is an easy mark.  LET THE TAXPAYERS PAY FOR THIS mess!  Wouldn’t be the first time.

But the real story here is how Mary Jo Davila was victimized by Louis Bruni by pushing (and allegedly PAYING) her to publicly air her dirty laundry, ruin her good name and forever wear the scarlet letter. (You’ve got to wonder how much she’ll get out of the settlement)

Will it ruin Sciarraffa’s chances for re-election?  Probably not.

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    May 13, 2012 at 12:52pm

    The only thing that can be said about Frank Sciaraffa is that he is a worthless self-serving scumbag. If it was an ordinary person committing the crime of sexual harassment he or she would be in jail. Frank must have some juicy goods on the County Judge, other commissioners and Anna Laura Cavazos to have them pay the attorney fees with taxpayer money. Why should the taxpayers pay for this pervert’s defense since he was the one that broke the law. Frank abused his political position and power to abuse his employees and is still doing so. Frank through John Amaya FORCES employees to sell his tickets and sends the message ” I do nopt want tickets back, just cash”. Where is all the cash going? To his pocket obviously becasue he never reports his “birthday dance” income along with carne asada plate sales, illegal lottery gambling and illegal Bingos. Chilo Alanis must also be as corrupt as Sciaraffa to turn his head on all the illegal activities or is it that he is also doing these things? In recasp, looking at Frank we can understand why he abused his power to get his rocks off… before this the only piece of ass he ever got was when his finger tore through the toilet paper.

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    May 20, 2014 at 10:20pm

    Wow. You’re such a brilliant & eloquent writer/blogger? Did you go to school for this? Majored in worthless writing / minor in bitchy blogging? It’s fascinating. Really compelling news. Kudos to the “Lizard Fan’s” …oh, and all the haters too. Isn’t that how you all phrase it? Thanks for spreading good news.


    Dear Ms. Bruni, or Mr. Bruni (as we have no doubt that the six time loser would stoop to use his kid’s email logon…)

    We are here.

    You are not.

    Deal with it.

    You reap what you sow, rainmaker

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