Ambassador Cuellar?

Theres no telling where this comes from, but word on the street in Laredo and in somewhat more quiet tones in Washington DC is that our own Congressman Henry Cuellar may be in line for an ambassadorship during the next Obama administration.

Outside of a few sex scandals, graft and other tipico Laredo shenanigans, there’s really been nada for a while, but THIS story, no matter how stupid it is, is something that has brought the lizard out of his nest.

OK, so what happens if Cuellar is appointed?  We would see a major shakeup in local politics, to say the least.

Who would replace Cuellar in Congress?  Expect a pack of  wannabes standing for that opportunity.  Vegas I would probably tab Richard Raymond as the favorite, but who’s to say that someone like Raul Salinas wouldn’t also put his stubby little toe in the water?  Maybe Jerry  Garza?  George Altgelt? How about a local judge, like Joe Lopez?   Who from the Valley?

If this happens, figure Raymond to win without much of a race.  He’s got lots of money, hasn’t had a race in years, and also has lots of friends in DC.  But of course, this IS Laredo.

Supposing that we’re to play out, then we’d also need to new State Rep … in mid session.  Who might be willing to dog,for that seat?  Jerry Garza? Sergio Mora?  Maybe even Carlos Zaffirini Jr.?  (That’s something that’s been talked about for years.)  Would Mercurio Martinez resurface?

The most intriguing name we’ve heard recently was former Mayor Betty Flores.

Stay tuned Lizardistas.  Theres gonna be a hot time in the old Border town real soon!

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