This month’s issue of LareDos contains a campaign ad by Raul Salinas.  He’s packed more words into a page of the magazine than you might think possible…most of them distortions and outright falsehoods.

He’s desperately clinging to the remains of his power and it’s obvious that he’ll say anything to get us to vote for him again.  That should come as no surprise considering it’s plain to see that he is headed for defeat in November.  Talk on the street is that he may be running so far behind that is the election were to be held today, he wouldn’t make the runoff.

But back to the ad.  You can find it online at http://issuu.com/raquito/docs/sep10

Some of the more ludicrous claims Salinas makes include:

“Reduction in crime.” Suppose the Sheriff or Police Chief or Homeland Security might give Salinas credit for that one?  Is it even true?  Last time we checked, you still are at risk anytime you come within 1,000 yards of the Rio Grande.  Guess his extensive field experience in the FBI is still paying off for us.  Just ask the kidnap victims who never came home, or the 28,000 victims of the drug war raging on the other end of all four of our bridges.

“Brought millions of dollars in Federal and State funding.” Suppose Congressman Cuellar might give Salinas credit for that one?  Last time we checked, Congress approved the recovery act and Governor Perry refused a great portion of the money. How did we get all that money that they didn’t get in Houston or Dallas?  Ahhh!  That’s right!  We had Raul Salinas in Washington working for us.  It may also be worth noting that more than $2 million of those funds went to Salinas’ friends for construction jobs.  Word on the street is that one of his amigos got a new block fence out of the deal.

“Secured immediate FEMA assistance for flood victims.” Really?  When the Rio Grande flooded Los Martinez Blvd., Salinas was standing on the bridge posing for CNN, Fox and The Weather Channel.  Then, after Councilman Gene Belmares led a volunteer army into the West Side to help those families, Salinas shut the rescue effort down.  Then, when he showed up in the Los Martinez area, days after the flood, the residents ran him out of the neighborhood.  There might have been FEMA assistance … but someone needs to ask Chubby Cheeks when he got it, how he got it and WHO GOT THE MONEY?

“Resufaced more than 2,000 streets.” Yeah, we all saw him out there on the street corners waving his Mexican made signs.  But how many of those 2,000 streets were repaired because Salinas pushed it or because of the efforts of Laredo City Council members.  That’s their job, right?  Is a pattern beginning to emerge here?

Here’s the best one… actually, they’re all pretty good … but here’s still the biggest accomplishment he lists:

“For 18 years spent several days on Wal-Mart and HEB Rooftops collecting Christmas gifts for needy children and seniors.” We’ve all seen the big pink blow-up gorillas on the car dealerships.  Well if you’re old enough to vote, there’s a chance that we’ve had a big bald blow-up buffoon on the roof of the Wal-Mart every year of your life!   Last time we checked, Salinas wasn’t mayor 18 years ago.  And when we looked a little closer, his wife got caught selling holiday gifts that Farouk Shami donated to the families of U.S. servicemen and servicewomen.

Perhaps he should crawl back up on top of the Wal-Mart and wait another 18 years!

Check out his ad in LareDos.  It’s entertaining reading.  It’s also a crock of sh*t.


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    A True American

    October 1, 2010 at 8:11pm

    Can Wild Bores be allowed to be loose in the City Limits? That is what we have as a Mayor. Also a liar!

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    A Voter

    October 9, 2010 at 3:37pm

    Does this Liar of the Mayor think he is intimidating opponents? Does the Mayor think by placing his Campaign Bus and other campaign material around the Headquarters of an opponent think this is going to make a better man? Mr. Mayor focus on your campaign and not try to win it by intimidating voters.
    If street talk remains true you have been served. You and your CFO Run for everything and lose every election what makes you think that you can win this one. You won last time due to a Fluke not because you were the right man because you are the wrong man No eres El Mejor Candidato. Usted no está calificado para este trabajo. Este trabajo requiere a una persona dedicada inteligente y usted
    No tiene las calificaciones. Quedarse en casa y jugar con la princesa. Tu Prerrita

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    Lardeo Born

    October 11, 2010 at 2:07am

    Mr. Mayor,
    What dictionary are you using to claim a proven Leader? Could possibly be the one princess reads along with you are is the one Yolanda uses to learn how to sell Perfume for Mr. Farouk Shami.

    Canyoneros/Vote getters
    How about all those contact workers that were supposedly hired and to be paid for early Voting in the March Primary for Farouk Shami and then payday came around and all of them get what the Balloon on top of Wal Mart is filled with “hot air”. I am sure that Yolanda reported to Farouk Shami a financial report for your personal campaign war chest.

    You’re Finanicer
    The one who is most funding your campaign but supposedly not reported in exchange for his power hungry position as your sole appointee to the board that you have sole control have as Mayor the same person who has lost 7 of 7 Political Races and now buys his political career hoping to be somebody someday

    Quality Of Life

    As to my knowledge and understanding of the English Language Clearly what Agenda Items have you initiated to improve the quality of Life for us the constituents of Laredo Texas?
    Is one of them buying all of your political Materials outside Laredo Texas and in Mexico is that what you meant by saying you wanted to bring better paying jobs stability to Laredo and increase the employment here?
    Buying outside the USA really helps the tax base and really helps the many Federal grants which you claim to have brought to Laredo.

    Public safety

    Your ad in the Laredos Newspaper you claim that The next Four years increase Public Safety; under what budget do you plan to find these funds and what have you done the last 4.5 Years? Grants are not forever then are temporary and then what happens after the grant money is exhausted? They become part of our burden the Local Taxpayers then other positions are sacrificed to cover the Collective Bargaining Units. Have you ever thought about cutting some of extraordinary expenses might help in funding not just the Collective Bargaining Units but the entire City of Laredo Staff?

    Secured State of the art Equipment

    Could you please show us to when you brought this item to Council under your Heading? That you initiated
    This item solely on your own or was it just an accomplishment of the entire City Coucil and now you want to take credit for it

    Did you call your son in Washington immediately and ask him to get his bosses involved the way you and your great amount of Volunteers helped everyone out during the recent Flood?

    Resurfaced Streets
    Were all of the 2000 blocks done in the time that the cameras were there which was a portably a total of 10 minutes but only 5 of them while the media was there.

    Federal and State Funding
    You yourself did all the work and no other Administrator did anything or any other Council member If I recall several Council members went on those trips and several administrator were on those trips along with The Police and Fire Chiefs and several other department heads not just yourself so don’t pat yourself too hard on the back.

    If you’re willing to take credit for these things, then why not just claim you bailed out the economy, overthrew Communism and found the cure for cancer! Do NOT believe a word this Liar says!

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